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Smash Remix

A Super Smash Bros. 64 Mod Organized by The_Smashfather



The original xdelta will generate a smash rom that is compatible with our ASM code. Much of our edits are done within the compressed files within the rom. If you utilize a vanilla Smash 64 rom, it will not work correctly.

You must utilize the xdelta patch to generate a good rom for Assembly.

You must place your legally acquired patched ROM in the rom folder for this to work. It must be named original.z64


(Note: Smash Remix requires the the 8 MB expansion pak to be enabled.)


AI Improvements

Computer controlled players have recieved a variety of improvements.

  • They attempt to recover more than once.
  • They randomly tech (30% left, 30% right, 30% in place, 10% missed).
  • They Z-Cancel (95% success rate).

Toggle Name: Improved AI

Combo Meter Improvements

  • "Improved Combo Meter" prevents the combo meter from resetting when the character is grabbed or bounces off of a wall.
  • Additionally, the "Tech Chase Combo Meter" toggle will prevent the combo meter from resetting on an inescapable tech chase.

Toggle Names: Improved Combo Meter, Tech Chase Combo Meter

Vs Mode Combo Meter

  • Displays a combo meter above players being combo'd in Vs mode.
  • Combo meter color corresponds with attacking player's port or team.
  • In 1v1 matches, the "1v1 Combo Meter Swap" toggle will display the combo meter above the player performing the combo.

Toggle Names: VS Mode Combo Meter, 1v1 Combo Meter Swap

Expanded Character Select Screen

  • The character select screen is now expanded to 24 slots including 8 custom characters.
  • Metal Mario, Giant DK, and polygon versions of the original cast are available via d-pad up or down.
  • Japanese versions of the original cast are available via d-pad left.
  • European versions of some of the original cast are available via d-pad right.

Character Select Debug Menu

A menu for modifying certain character attributes is available on each panel.

  • Allows selecting a shield color.
  • Allows playing as completely invisible (None), slightly visible (Cloaked), or as a silhouette (Dark).
  • Setting to enabled is perfect for Halloween.
  • Allows forcing high definition or low definition version of character.
  • Allows playing as the giant or tiny version of the character.
  • "Last" mode maintains stock count from the previous game. Useful for crew battles.
  • "Manual" mode allows specifying the stock count.
  • Setting to random will create a moveset for the character with randomized knockback.
  • The knockback angle is generated for each move at the start of the match and will persist until the end of the match.
  • Resetting training mode or performing a salty runback will not generate a new set of knockback angles.
  • Adds input delay to imitate netplay. HMN ports only.
  • Allows modifying CPU handicap. CPU ports only.

Toggle Name: CSS Panel Menu

Expanded Stage Select Screen

  • The stage select screen is now expanded to multiple pages.
  • All original stages are playable as well as dozens of new stages.

Stage Hazard Modes

  • Pressing L on the stage select screen will cycle through options related to stage hazards.
  • This is indicated by the stage selection cursor's color changing to blue and the wooden circle having the state of hazards.
  • Hazards (bumpers, barrels, etc.) and Movement (of platforms) can be controlled.

Toggle Name: Hazard Mode

Stage Select Layout

  • Choose between NORMAL and TOURNAMENT stage select layouts. In the TOURNAMENT layout, the best performing and likely tournament legal stages are on the first page.

Toggle Name: Stage Select Layout

Hold to Pause

  • Prevents accidental pausing by requiring the start button to be held for half of a second before pausing.

Toggle Name: Hold To Pause

Neutral Spawns

  • Players spawn across from one another regardless of port.

Toggle Name: Neutral Spawns

Salty Runback

  • Holding Start along with A + B + Z + R will restart the match on the same stage.

Toggle Name: Salty Runback

Timed Stock Matches

  • Stock matches have a timer. Enabled by default but can be toggled off by setting TIME to "infinity."

Match Stats

  • Results screen has the option to show stats about the match such as damage given to each player.
  • If the Vs Mode Combo Meter toggle is on, combo stats are also displayed.

12-Character Battle Mode

  • New VS mode for easily tracking 12cbs.
  • Features 3 preset character sets (Default, Japanese, Remix) and allows for a custom character set per player.
  • Best character for each player is tracked as the number of TKOs the opposing player experiences against your character.
  • Only ports 1 and 2 work with this mode.

Additional Items

  • New items available in training mode and in VS mode.
  • VS Mode Item Switch expanded to allowing toggling new items.

Cloaking Device

  • Renders the player invisible and impervious to damage for 10 seconds.

Super Mushroom

  • Player grows into giant form with added passive armor while dealing higher damage.
  • Lasts 10 seconds.

Poison Mushroom

  • Player shrinks into tiny form and deals less damage.
  • Lasts 10 seconds.


Costume Selection Improvements

  • Access all available costumes by scrolling with the left and right C buttons.
  • Access all available shades by scrolling with the up and down C buttons.
  • Metal Mario and the polygons also have alternate costumes.
  • To control CPU costumes, hover over the panel at the bottom of the screen and press the C buttons.

Random Music

  • Random music allows players to listen to music from other stages.

Toggle Name: Random Music

Random Music Switch

  • Changes the possible music tracks to be used when random music is enabled.

Toggle Name: Each track's title is listed in the Music Settings menu

Random Music Profiles

Load a curated list of tracks.

  • Community: All tracks.
  • Vanilla: Only tracks from the original game.
  • Classics: Features themes and arrangements from games on the N64 and prior systems.
  • Into Battle: Mostly comprised of dramatic, intense, or exciting music.
  • Positive Vibes: Mostly comprised of upbeat, energetic, or happy music.
  • Slappers Only: The_Smashfather's personal favorite tracks.
  • Staff Picks: Favorites of the contributors of Smash Remix.

Menu Music

  • Choose between the classic SSB64 music or from Melee's and Brawl's menu themes.
  • By default, the Melee and Brawl themes will play from time to time.

Toggle Name: Menu Music

Alternate Music

  • Custom stages have up to two alternate tracks that will play at random.
  • The "Occasional" alternate track plays more frequently than the "Rare" alternate track.
  • The music track can be forced by holding a C button when choosing the stage: C-up = Default, C-left = Occasional, C-right = Rare

Random Stage Switch

  • Changes possible outcomes of pressing RANDOM on the stage select screen.

Toggle Name: Each stage's name is listed under Random Stage Toggles in the Stage Settings menu

Random Stage Profiles

Load a curated list of stages.

  • Community: All stages except for Dream Land Beta 1 and 2 and How to Play.
  • Tournament: All stages generally agreed to be "legal" in tournaments.
  • Semi-Competitive: Stages that give some variation but are still considered somewhat competitive.
  • Competitive: Stages that may not be "tournament legal" but are still considered competitive.
  • Vanilla: All original stages except for Dream Land Beta 1 and 2 and How to Play.
  • Dream Land Only: All stages with Dream Land layout.
  • No Omega Variants: All stages except for Omega variants, Dream Land Beta 1 and 2 and How to Play.
  • No Variants: All stages except for variants, Dream Land Beta 1 and 2 and How to Play. (Fray's Stage Night is included.)
  • Staff Picks: Favorites of the contributors of Smash Remix.

Random Select With Variants

  • By default, the variants (Metal Mario, Giant DK, polygons, J/E regional versions) are not included in the random character select that occurs when toggling the CPU button on the character select screen.
  • This toggle allows for them to be included.

Toggle Name: Random Select With Variants


Hold to Exit Training

  • Prevents accidentally exiting training mode by requiring the A button to be held for half of a second when on the Exit pause menu option.

Toggle Name: Hold To Pause

Special Model Display

Use the toggle or cycle using D-Pad down in Training Mode.

  • Hitbox: Displays hitboxes and hurtboxes instead of normal characters/items/projectiles.
  • Hitbox+: Displays transparent hitboxes and hurtboxes alongside normal characters/items/projectiles.
  • ECB: View character and item collision diamonds.

Toggle Name: Special Model Display

Advanced Hurtbox Display

When Special Model Display is Hitbox or Hitbox+, these changes are applied:

  • Transparent hitboxes
  • Cyan grab-immune hurtboxes
  • Gray hurtboxes during active armor

Toggle Name: Advanced Hurtbox Display

Color Overlays

  • Fills in the character model with a solid color during certain player states.

Toggle Name: Color Overlays

Flash On Z-Cancel

  • Displays a sparkle effect when a successful Z-cancel input is detected on landing.

Toggle Name: Flash On Z-Cancel

Quality of Life

360 Degree Pause Camera

  • Allows the camera to be rotated freely while the game is paused.

Crash Debugger

  • When a game crash occurs, attempts to display a screen with detailed information on what went wrong.

Cinematic Camera

  • Controls the cinematic camera zooms which occasionally occur at the start of a versus match.

Toggle Name: Cinematic Camera

Idle Timeouts Disabled

  • Remaining idle on various menu screen for 5 minutes no longer results in returning to the START screen.

Quick Start

  • All stages and characters unlocked
  • Tournament approved match settings set by default. (4 stocks, 8:00 timer)

Shield Colors Match Player Ports and Teams

  • Shield colors will match the color of the port or team the character is on.

Skip Results Screen

  • The results screen is not shown.

Toggle Name: Skip Results Screen


  • Better widescreen support during matches.

Toggle Name: Widescreen

Music Title at Match Start

  • See the title of the track and its game of origin at the start of matches.

Toggle Name: Music Title at Match Start

Disable Anti-Aliasing

  • Turn off anti-aliasing.

Toggle Name: Disable Anti-Aliasing

FPS Display *BETA

  • Display FPS in the top left of the screen.
  • For an overclocked N64, use the OVERCLOCKED option.

Toggle Name: FPS Display *BETA

Training Mode

Custom Menu

  • Pressing Z while the menu is open will open the custom training menu. This menu allows you to access special settings for each port.
    • Character: The character used.
    • Costume: The costume used by the character.
    • Type: The type of player. (Human, CPU, Disabled)
    • Spawn: The position the character will spawn in when the reset button is pressed.
    • Set Custom Spawn: Sets the position to be used when the "Custom" spawn option is selected.
    • Percent: The percent to be applied to the character on reset, or when the "Set Percent" button is pressed.
    • Set Percent: Changes the character's percent to the above value.
    • Reset Sets Percent: Toggles whether or not the character's percent will be changed on reset.

D-Pad Shortcuts

  • Pressing up on the d-pad will pause/unpause the game
  • Pressing right on the d-pad will advance to the next frame
  • Pressing down on the d-pad will cycle through special model display modes
  • Pressing left on the d-pad will reset

Reset Counter

  • The reset count for the current training session will be recorded and displayed at the top of the screen while the menu is open.

Shield Break Mode

  • Practice shield pressure by turning on Shield Break Mode in the custom menu.


  • Pick which track you want to listen to while in Training Mode via the custom menu.

Show Action and Frame

  • Pressing L toggles display of each character's current action and frame of animation.

Japanese Gameplay

Japanese Hitlag

  • Use the Japanese version's hitlag value.

Toggle Name: Japanese Hitlag

Japanese DI

  • Use the Japanese version's DI value.

Toggle Name: Japanese DI

Japanese Sounds

  • By default, J characters use Japanese sound effects.
  • This toggle enables further controlling the J sound effects to be used for all characters or no characters.

Toggle Name: Japanese Sounds

Momentum Slide

  • This toggle enables a momentum glitch that exists in the Japanese version.

Toggle Name: Momentum Slide

Japanese Shield Stun

  • Use the Japanese version's shield stun value.

Toggle Name: Japanese Shield Stun

Japanese Whispy

  • Use the Japanese version's wind speed for Whispy.

Toggle Name: Japanese Whispy

Single Player Modes

Bonus 3 (Race to the Finish)

  • Record best times for completing the RTTF stage using all characters just like for Bonus 1 and Bonus 2.

Remix 1p Mode

  • A new take on the standard 1p Mode
    • Fight randomly selected Remix characters at one of their three randomly selected stages
    • Increased difficulty with Very Easy mode being the equivalent of standard 1p Mode's Normal Difficulty
    • Challenge Fox and Falco in a doubles battle
    • Characters have Alternate Bonus Stages for Bonuses 1 & 2
    • Fight a Kirby Team with brand new powers
    • Face new boss characters

All-Star Mode

  • Fight all 24 characters.
  • Heal at the rest area between battles by using one of the three hearts.

Multiman Mode

  • Fight a neverending polygon team and track KOs as highscores.

Cruel Multiman

  • Same as Multiman Mode but much more difficult.


  • Toggles can be controlled quickly by choosing one of three built-in profiles: Community, Tournament, Netplay and Japanese


Remix Settings

Toggle Community Tournament Netplay Japanese
Skip Results Screen Off Off On Off
Hold To Pause Off On On Off
CSS Panel Menu On Off On On
Color Overlays Off Off Off Off
Cinematic Camera Default Default Default Default
Flash On Z-Cancel Off Off Off Off
FPS Display *BETA Off Off Off Off
Model Display Default Default High Poly Default
Special Model Display Off Off Off Off
Advanced Hurtbox Display Off Off Off Off
Hold To Exit Training Off On Off Off
Improved Combo Meter On Off On On
Tech Chase Combo Meter On Off On On
VS Mode Combo Meter On Off On On
1v1 Combo Meter Swap Off Off Off Off
Improved AI On Off On On
Neutral Spawns On On On On
Salty Runback On Off On On
Widescreen Off Off Off Off
Japanese Hitlag Off Off Off On
Japanese DI Off Off Off On
Japanese Sounds Default Default Default Always
Momentum Slide Off Off Off On
Japanese Shield Stun Off Off Off On
Random Select With Variants Off Off Off Off
Disable VS Pause HUD Off Off Off Off
Disable Anti-Aliasing Off Off Off Off

Music Settings

Toggle Community Tournament Netplay Japanese
Play Music On On On On
Random Music Off Off On Off
Music Title at Match Start On Off On On
Random Toggles for All Tracks On On On On

Stage Settings

Toggle Community Tournament Netplay Japanese
Japanese Whispy Off Off Off On
Random Toggles for All Stages [Community] [Tournament] [Semi-Competitive] [Community]

These stages are set to on in the Tournament profile:

  • Dream Land
  • Deku Tree
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Glacial River
  • Dr. Mario
  • Fray's Stage
  • Zebes Landing
  • Smashville
  • Yoshi's Story
  • Gerudo Valley
  • Goomba Road
  • Saffron City DL
  • Planet Clancer

These stages are set to on in the Semi-Competitive profile:

  • Congo Jungle
  • Dream Land
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Meta Crystal
  • Peach's Castle
  • Saffron City
  • Mini Yoshi's Island
  • First Destination
  • Ganon's Tower
  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Skyloft
  • Glacial River
  • WarioWare, Inc.
  • Dr. Mario
  • Great Bay
  • Tower of Heaven
  • Fountain of Dreams
  • Muda Kingdom
  • Mementos
  • Sprial Mountain
  • Mute City
  • Mad Monster Mansion
  • Bowswer's Stadium
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Kitchen Island
  • Zebes Landing
  • Smashville
  • New Pork City
  • Norfair
  • Corneria City
  • Congo Falls
  • Yoshi's Story
  • Gerudo Valley
  • Fray's Stage Night
  • Goomba Road
  • Saffron City DL
  • Yoshi's Island DL
  • Bowser's Keep
  • Windy
  • dataDyne
  • Planet Clancer
  • Castle Siege
  • Yoshi's Island II
  • Tent Final Destination
  • Cool Cool Mountain SR
  • Cool Cool Mountain DL