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JabberD XMPP Server
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c2s Removed const from challenge arg in create_challenge
contrib Updated Flash patch
docs Fix compilation warnings
etc add bcrypt support via @monsterkane
man Update Makefiles for out-of-source builds
mio Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of long-obsoleted INCLUDES.
router router crashed several times on the day:
s2s Fixed missmerge in a1cd4ba
sm fix build with -DNO_SM_CACHE (without NO_SM_CACHE ldapvcard broken af…
storage Invalid INTEGER/BOOLEAN values are saved to database storages in x86_64.
subst Fix compilation warnings
sx Cleanup session context for SASL only in _sx_sasl_free.
tests Fixed config test compilation
tools Update Makefiles for out-of-source builds
util Set nss[].lprefix to 0 when prefix is NULL in nad_add_namepsace
win32 Reverted r861 r862 - libunbound does not report TTL and needs to be p…
.gitignore C2S per session user data & authreg auth API extensions
AUTHORS Remove presence routing optimisations.
COPYING jabberstudio CVS import
ChangeLog Replace ChangeLog with link to GitHub commit log jabberstudio CVS import Removed UPGRADE file from EXTRA_DIST
README.config Added README.config about node value substitution Added Gitter badge
README.protocol Updated supported protocol listing
README.win32 Reverted r861 r862 - libunbound does not report TTL and needs to be p…
TODO jabberstudio CVS import
acinclude.m4 clean up acinclude.m4
config.rpath jabberstudio CVS import Simplify crypt_blowfish dependency
license-header Updated license template



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