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Installing CKAN on macOS

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Installing manually

  1. Download and install Mono

  2. Download CKAN.dmg from

  3. Open it

  4. Drag to your desktop (or any other folder you prefer)

  5. Double click it

If you are on macOS Catalina, you'll notice that CKAN's Console UI opens in a terminal, instead of the GUI. This is because macOS dropped support for 32-bit applications with version 10.15, and Mono's WinForms implementation is 32-bit only. For more information, check this PR and this issue.

Installing via Homebrew

NOTE: As of early 2019, Mono does not work when installed via Homebrew, see Homebrew/homebrew-core#35848. Use the above method to install Mono.

UPDATE: The above issue has been closed by the Homebrew team despite the problem still existing and no progress having been made toward a fix. Do not use Homebrew.

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