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"Tags" within CKAN metafiles may be used by CKAN clients to filter or sort mod lists. Use one or more of these suggested Tags to classify your mod into a common category.

Mod types

Each mod should ideally have at least one of these:

  • config - For mods that don't add anything besides alternative or default configuration files/patches, e.g. for ModuleManager or tech trees. ("Mechjeb And Engineer For All" and "StockPlugins" come to mind as likely candidates)
  • library - Mods that have no direct use for a player, but support other mods. (See Firespitter, KSPAPIExtensions, KerboKatzUtilities, etc)
  • parts - Anything that has parts, really.
  • physics - Mods that have a significant effect on the physics engine. (FAR and DRE are the obvious mods here, but also things like KerbalJointReinforcement)
  • plugin - Mods that directly add a plugin (any .DLL really), regardless of purpose.
  • app - Mods that include or work best with something executable or web-based that runs outside of KSP.
  • planet-pack - Mods that modify the solar system by adding, removing, or changing planets or moons or their orbits

Mod descriptors

Each mod may have zero or more of these:

  • career - Mods primarily of interest in a career save that aren't particularly relevant to a science or sandbox player. The various Contract Packs and mods that filter contracts all apply here, as do mods that add new strategies.
  • control - Mods that add alternative methods of controlling crafts. (Mechjeb, Pilot Assistant, kOS, Telemachus, and PID Tuner all fall under this, as do the various mods that assist in docking: DPAI, Navball Docking Alignment, etc)
  • convenience - General utility/quality-of-life mods. (Editor Extensions, Filter Extensions, QuickGoto, KSP AVC, KAC)
  • graphics - Mods that improve or affect the default model, texture, or interface graphics in various ways; mods that provide various sorts of visual eye-candy. (ATM, EVE, Distant Object, Planetshine, Astronomer's Pack, TextureReplacer and its texture packs)
  • information - Mods that provide extended information. (Mechjeb, KER, VOID, Protractor, Thermal Monitor, Trajectories, etc., including editor-only information mods like RCS Balancer)
  • manned - Mods that focus on manned gameplay. The various colony-building and station-building mods are all relevant here, as well as the various life support mods. Note that simply happening to have a pod in a parts pack isn't necessarily "focused on manned gameplay", though mods that focus on replica or stock-alike parts for manned spacecraft probably are (any space shuttle mod, K2 Command Pod, RasterPropMonitor).
  • unmanned - Mods that focus on unmanned gameplay. (kOS, RemoteTech, BoxSat, and just about anything that adds probe cores)
  • resources - Mods focused on ISRU and resource management.
  • science - Mods that add new ways to collect or use science. (Scansat, Banana For Scale, ScienceAlert, Station Science are all candidates here.)
  • sound - Mods that add or have an effect on sounds or music. (Chatterer, Atmospheric Sound Enhancement, QuickMute, MusicMute, and Water Sounds)
  • tech-tree - Mods that extend or overhaul the tech tree hierarchy in a significant way.

Custom tags

If you feel that you've created a tag that describes your mod more efficiently yet it's not included in this list, feel free to add it so long as those tags are lowercase alphanumeric and any spaces are replaced by dashes. Examples may include location-specific tags (such as "atmospheric" or "northern-ice-shelf"), any VAB areas your parts reside within (such as "fuel-tanks"), a part name or brand (such as "b9-turbofans"), and so forth.

Example usage

"tags" : [
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