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Welcome to the CKAN wiki! Everyone can contribute to improve it: please be bold with your edits and don't be afraid to participate!

What is the CKAN?

The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network is a repository of metadata about mods for Kerbal Space Program, and associated tools to work with this metadata.

Additionally, using this metadata it's possible to write safe and robust mod managers that can guarantee that mods are installed exactly as they are supposed to.

More about the CKAN

Using CKAN

  • If you are a player interested in using CKAN to manage your mods, take a look at the User guide;
  • If you want to add a mod to the CKAN, take a look at our guide about adding a mod to CKAN
  • If you want to share your modlist with other people, take a look at the metapackage guide
  • Most errors generated by CKAN can be worked around by doing a clean and re-install

Getting help

  • If you are having technical troubles start by taking a look at the page for basic troubleshooting;
  • If you are experiencing trouble with the CKAN client, please open an issue and we'll get back to you;
  • If you need help creating a ckan metadata file, see Adding a mod to the CKAN, or open an issue at the metadata repository and we'll help you with that;
  • You can contact us at any time on the Discord Server: we'd love to hear from you for any reason you need!

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