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Keypirinha SDK

This is Keypirinha launcher's official Software Development Kit (SDK).


  • Create an add-on skeleton to start developing your plugin
  • Build a redistributable package that is ready-to-use by Keypirinha users
  • Test some features with the bundled standalone Python3 interpreter, which is a replicate of Keypirinha's embedded one


The recommended way is to clone the official git repository as the master branch is meant to be stable:

git clone keypirinha-sdk

Otherwise, GitHub conveniently allows to download an archive of the current revision.


No particular configuration is required to use the SDK.


For convenience, high-level features of the SDK are accessible via the cmd directory, which you can safely add to your PATH since it has been made specifically to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Environment Setup

Once you have opened a console, you may want to setup SDK's environment by running the cmd/kpenv script.

Particularly, it defines KEYPIRINHA_SDK, that is the path to the directory of the SDK.

It also prepends the cmd directory to the PATH of the current console session.

Create a Package

This SDK allows to create the skeleton (i.e. the file and code structure) of your package by running a single command.


kptmpl package <MyPackName> [dest_dir]


kptmpl help

Note that the file structure created is not suitable to be copied as-is under Keypirinha's Packages directory and is meant to be more flexible for the developer, not the user. May you wish to redistribute your package, the recommended way is to build it first.

Where to start

Besides from its documentation, the best practical way to know how to use Keypirinha's API is to dig into the code of the official packages, as well as the examples directory provided by this SDK.

Also, the exposed part of Keypirinha's Python API, on which packages rely on, has its own repository.

Build a Package

To build a package means all the files required for Keypirinha to load your plugin(s) will be encapsulated in a single zip archive that has got the *.keypirinha-package extension so users of your package can easily download and install it under the profile/InstalledPackage directory. This is the recommended form of redistribution.

Once you have developed and tested your package, you can build its final redistributable archive (i.e. *.keypirinha-package) by using the make.cmd script located in your package directory.

Note that SDK's environment must be setup by running the cmd/kpenv script first.

Then, from your package's directory:

make.cmd build


make.cmd help

Python Interpreter

The bootstrap script cmd/kpy allows to execute any Python3 script using the bundled and standalone interpreter, which is a replicate of the one that is embedded into Keypirinha.

You can also start the interpreter in interactive mode, as you would do with the python.exe executable of the standard Python distribution (i.e. with no file argument).


The SDK is distributed under the terms of the zlib license unless stated otherwise in files from third-party projects. See the LICENSE file located in this directory for more information.


  1. Check for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a feature idea or a bug.
  2. Fork the repository on GitHub to start making your changes.
  3. Send a pull request. Please stick to one feature per PR.


Keypirinha's Software Development Kit (SDK)








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