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  1. EssentialsPE Public archive

    Forked from swagking47/EssentialsPE

    Port of Bukkit Essentials for @PocketMine Servers (Moved to @poggit-orphanage)

    PHP 102 21

  2. Hormones Public archive

    Forked from gitter-badger/Hormones

    Ultimate endocrine management for load balancing and network administration

    PHP 32 4

  3. Forked from falkirks/ClearLagg

    Port of @Bukkit ClearLagg for @PocketMine Servers

    PHP 20 3

  4. Forked from gitter-badger/DynamicHub

    DynamicHub provides the ability to code minigame plugins that can be adapted on any types of servers, hub servers or server networks with optimum performance and compatibility

    PHP 18 4

  5. Forked from gitter-badger/WorldEditArt

    WorldEditArt Epsilon, an advanced and innovative world editing plugin.

    PHP 17 1

  6. Forked from gitter-badger/Switchbox

    Vault of common API's for PocketMine Plugins

    PHP 13 1


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