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ParaCraft Change Log 2018

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  • code block language configuration template file added
  • refactored default language configuration file for code block.
  • fixed haqi links for password projection
  • created the Art Game for lessons
  • actor overlay now supports UI alignment top and bottom
  • fixed stop event in co-routines in code block
  • added registerStopEvent in code block


  • show cursor even for readonly mode. Blockly now disabled text input.
  • support editing included files in code block
  • code block now supports language configuration files
  • save and load world data API added to code block


  • added movieblockpos to code actor value
  • added movieactor to code actor value
  • code actor time property added and made unique
  • paraworld haqi2 added for QQ
  • 2018.12 npl hackathon ends


  • fix UI animation manager not initialized
  • fixed message box default style in main package
  • paraworld analytics now support user day count
  • fixed moveTo command with block position for 2d and 3d code block actor
  • added hide desktop tip to code block commands
  • QQ hall and paracraft google analytics improved with user count.
  • give a lesson to student on solar system.


  • fixed google analytics for event values in paracraft and refined many event action values.
  • solar system simulation for code block lesson for Saturday class


  • merged worldshare issues of private project and can not upload
  • haqi qq world list for new users are fixed.
  • google analytics added to QQ hall and data is analized
  • code help dropdown click anywhere to close
  • roll, pitch added to entity and code block actor value


  • QQ hall launcher finalize
  • all paraworld apps now supports qq hall
  • fixed run function in code block
  • code block playSound support channel volume, pitch, start time, etc.
  • added stopSound to code block, fixed audioengine stop sound error
  • playSound in code block now supports channel, start time, volume and pitch
  • added saveUserData and loadUserData to code block
  • fixed empty string compiling for code block
  • turnTo support all three axis in codeblock


  • added code block command: /autowait false
  • callstack of code block is printed to log.txt
  • inherit and gettable and testcases added for code block
  • fix walk and play mixed physics in code block


  • paraworld for qq merging
  • NPL hackathon round 1, thinking on new code block API
  • added turnTo camera


  • fix selectModel for 2d overlay has runtime error
  • paraworld auto updater app for all platforms


  • paraworld auto updater app designed
  • fix distanceTo coordinate in code block
  • fix playBone timers not destroyed
  • isTouching, and distanceTo in code block support actor as input
  • code block error message are shown globally
  • moveTo support moving to a bone position in code block


  • every Bone supports local time via scripting interface
  • support playBone() to code block
  • fix codeblock include file syntax error not cleared when bug is fixed
  • QQ game to keepwork login API interface tested and reviewed
  • teacher agent tooltip added


  • fix empty code actor can not be renamed
  • commonlib added to code block


  • added loglevel command line
  • fix assets manager cache folder in ios containing skipping char
  • added mouse button and wheel message to code block
  • added block click event to code block
  • registerCollisionEvent can track collided actor as input parameter
  • add font() api to movie overlay actor.
  • actor overlay render code now support draw text centered.
  • added getActor() and runForActor() api to code block
  • fixed code block with empty code
  • registerCollisionEvent now support empty or nil name to match all actors


  • release paraworld/haqi android/win32 app to latest version
  • fix include file error output in codeblock
  • fix npl lexer for <- operators
  • fix npl gen for keywords as table key
  • fix syntax sugar for table key in npl gen
  • fixed npl lexer for short string
  • new built script for releasing strip-source pkg files.
  • released haqi using plain source code with comments and spaces stripped.


  • added include command in code block
  • fixed world share taking snapshot during sharing and exit.
  • new built script for releasing strip-source pkg files.


  • fix change model in code block window not showing closest movie block
  • bizplan team video made and submitted
  • training NPL hackathon and meeting with financial guide.


  • fix worldshare commit issues and some other UI bugs
  • fixed lesson YML parse for paracraft mod
  • released paracraft worldshare with new PBL support, fixing several issues


  • code block window will auto close when code context is released
  • fix entity code block edit mode copy and past not preserved
  • prepare lesson: tankworld for weekend


  • fix direction facing rounding error
  • added actor facing for code actor
  • blockly clone and event now support additional parameters


  • fix empty motion file in haqi2
  • paraworld for mobile device
  • bluetooth mod is configured to load before all other mods
  • fix chrome blockly window not in sync with code
  • added ondragmove attribute to pe_container


  • prepare new NPL code festival
  • logitow discussion and product merged
  • changed step sound volumn


  • code blockly now fully support blockly on a separate data channel.
  • published google analytics with paracraft
  • fixed auto updater for haqi1,haqi2 for android.


  • fix overlay click when dragging
  • fix radio button draw
  • try fixing block attribute
  • recovered to cp_old branch
  • code block will now save blockly and npl code separately and do auto update.


  • minor fix teleport player for block entity
  • refined fbx online doc for mesh combine and reset transform
  • search path now has higher priority than pkg files
  • bp sending out


  • removed goal tracker logic
  • prepare analytics point list of paracraft, reviewed logitow app
  • fixed rotation bugs for animation block
  • prepared flappybird lesson for Saturday class


  • added lesson english translation
  • added exit button to paraworld docker
  • fixed code UI does not custom actor variable bug.
  • published paracraft with class support


  • lesson system with anonymous class user login
  • code block support shadow property
  • finalized paracraft TV animation theme.
  • fixed code block 2d picking with out of view objects


  • data collecting for paracraft with google analytics started.
  • bizplan further discussion and refined company intro


  • paracraft community edition goes testing on qq game.
  • anim TV series doc designed.
  • biz plan2 finalize


  • added rendercode property to code UI actor


  • code actor now support assetfile property
  • further meeting with Mr. Guo, finalized contracts and discussed animation series for TV.
  • fix non-visible overlay picking in code block UI actor
  • fix code block window full screen size
  • lesson system biz page discussed


  • full day tour of lesson system to teachers in beijing
  • lesson system with anonymous class user login
  • Data collecting for paraworld discussed.


  • bizplan review and contract with mr. guo.
  • refined mind master game


  • getBlock now support returning data in code block
  • bluetooth now works on android


  • fixed clang warnings and submitted 6 critical issues on rendering
  • merged bluetooth support to all paracraft versions
  • lesson requires login inside paracraft.


  • release v1 of AutoAnim block
  • fix saving utf8 filename in auto anim block
  • BlueTooth and logitow mod added to system mod in all Paracraft.
  • Recovered and rebuild the new android branch with clang 3.8 toolset instead of gcc.
  • discussed lesson-for-school biz model.


  • auto shared login in paracraft/paraworld
  • turn movie block ratio to a setting option
  • reviewed paracraft community edition
  • fix auto-anim reuse issues


  • Fix some haqi essential items deleted by the user
  • bizplan discussed and cooperation with Guoqichen's team.
  • fix mcml onmouseenter and leave's first param
  • keepworktoken are saved across paraworld app


  • tinyyaml added for parsing yml files from markdown
  • quiz count is shown via teacher agent
  • paracraft now supports both lesson id and class id (still has a server issue)
  • studied login token
  • lessons for Saturday, answered students' work issues 2018.10.12
  • biz plan discussion to several external people
  • reviewed logitow block game design
  • in-game lesson launch added


  • fixed possible localserver db corrupt recovery
  • fixed download world UI progress display
  • refined bizplan
  • studied various user action analysis solutions


  • operational tasks schedule
  • review and merge paracraft history from BIG


  • refined financial part of paraworld bizplan
  • meeting Mike from US working on paraworld business plan
  • released a fix for paracraft/haqi front ads and code block coroutine logics
  • recruiting a new art guy for mini-game development


  • fix wait on code event where it delete itself in code block
  • configure new cp branch toolchain
  • resolve naming issues on QQ platform
  • haqi daily checkin and default urls are redirected to new paraworld news


  • mind master game design and implementation
  • changed coroutine logics in codeblock, now supporting global functions
  • bizplan update
  • openVR API studied with VR devices


  • paracraft in-game lessons imp
  • release keepwork lesson system and 20 lessons


  • haqi pay server fixed and support querynid
  • fixed stop server bug in NPL runtime when switching paraworld app
  • auto anim block published with 3 predefined models


  • auto anims logic UI finished. AutoAnim Character added.
  • haqi supports paracraft buildin mod
  • haqi supports NPL code wiki and blockly
  • fixed netserver can not accept incoming connection after stopped


  • paraworld news system designed and planned for release
  • fixed bmax model with LOD refresh
  • cross platform branch merge with dev
  • merged auto anims crash fix on C++ side


  • published code block tutorial 9
  • fix change model has double actors in code block
  • refined auto anims logic


  • teacher agent and a number of help class partially implemented.
  • visit qq hall on paraworld platform.
  • prepared lesson on Saturday


  • written draft of bizplan
  • code block tutorial 9 recorded and script written
  • agent and knowledge domain place holder


  • Teacher Icon and add task implemented
  • teacher icon works with mobile virtual keyboard


  • fix MAC OS right mouse drag
  • fix MAC OS swipe over GUI scrollable
  • Item system WebAPI git project fix
  • TeacherAgent added, replaced goal tracker for task builder.
  • ParaWorld lessons placeholder and reviewed keepwork lessons
  • designed item system for keepwork based on haqi db server. KidsDev twiki synced to github
  • reviewed haqicode project by leio


  • zip archive added new attribute for inspecting zip archive and generate pkg
  • fixed a bug where non-exist npl packages are loaded as empty archive files.
  • haqi & paracraft base main.pkg base version changed to 23051, fixed CI for main pkg generation
  • fix haqi2 app in paracraft
  • review auto anims


  • paraworld family now include haqi2.
  • paraworld app switch fixed default GUI template, CCS and networking bugs.
  • merged and released NPLRuntime pr for movie codec plugin.
  • haqi2 keepwork database server side fixed and tested.
  • fixed start server from port 0


  • released movie code plugin v4 and merged changes.
  • auto install paraworld app: haqi2 as a demo
  • fix default gui themes when switching apps
  • upgraded haqi2 database server to support keepwork login.
  • added keepwork login UI for haqi2 with paraworld docker on top.
  • fixed NPL server stop


  • fixed NPL chrome browser delayed loading. Recompiled dll.
  • fixing keyfocus lost on app start when chrome browser plugin is enabled.
  • only readonly world can Lock game mode
  • world isModified is implemented


  • blockpos added to blockly to only allow replacing code of selected block
  • blockly plugin now support notifications on replacing code.


  • implement save world as and added to system menu
  • paracraft iOS submission: new materials
  • added setOutput api to Code Block API. Code block will emit wire signal
  • fixed save world name tag in save world panel
  • fixed multiple connected command and movie block can not be property activated by wires


  • NPL chrome browser plugin support one-click auto install from official website.
  • write deploy script for NPL chrome browser plugin and chrome core as submodules
  • blockly will use NPL chrome browser if it is installed.
  • prepare lecture notes for saturday lesson
  • published paracraft with haqi switches and autoupdater


  • fix haqi CI to include autoupdater in npl_packages folder
  • auto installer implemented in paraworld docker
  • fix haqi and paracraft app switches with minimum download


  • released haqi and paracraft with paraworld switches
  • self-learning with mentors discussed
  • fix download world UI


  • fixed referencing codeblock event not called
  • fixed referencing actor not properly deleted
  • haqi/paracraft/worldshare application switches added


  • added delete key in movie block's timeline
  • fix entity overlay screen position not show up during world switching
  • paraworld application switches
  • code tutorial 8


  • fix opening zip world in worldshare mod
  • added /install -mod url command
  • movie codec plugin will direct users to web site


  • movie codec plugin auto install from zip file
  • fixed plugin system GetMod by name api
  • fixed video recorder with current window size not multiple of 4
  • changed default loading screen to meet the need of iOS
  • paracraft is on MAC apple store and updated official download site links.
  • published code block video tutorial 7


  • fix key repeat interval too small bug. pretty critical for OSX keyboard input
  • fixed arrow key in edit box under OSX
  • only localhost will open in buildin web browser in OSX
  • OSX pkg is published and validated on MAC apple store.
  • designed paraworld application switch
  • Paracraft is on IPTV, still need modifications.


  • released android apk 1.2
  • added assetmanifest unload and load API, etc.
  • reset states refined to allow toggling between haqi and paracraft
  • fix OSX code signing and app sandbox API issue, ready to submit to App Store.
  • fix input method for OSX
  • implemented open in folder and in external browser in OSX
  • fixed a crash on IO threads in OSX


  • refined win32 window title during login and inside a world. Changed login slogen.
  • iOS front page and translation fix
  • fixed autoupdater when local version is newer


  • poedit upgraded to v2.0 pro.
  • added English translations for all 500+ models and new blockly control types
  • edit code context added to code block
  • given lecture to parents and reviewed paracraft website
  • adjusting initial position of actors made easy. we can directly change initial positions when a code block is selected.
  • all blockly commands now has shadow property (default values)


  • qqQloud haqi server test on docker, added logs and fixed open empty file crashes.
  • fixed throw exceptions on opening empty files
  • help locate movie codec plugin for unknown codec.
  • final check and refinement on haqi assets, adding missing files.
  • paracraft videos to keepwork and 1080p conversion plan


  • haqi server dashboard deploy with dockers, fixing SQL related issues
  • code block missing operators by Leio
  • paracraft short intro video script
  • refined and merged changes to haqi asset files in paracraft by effie's team


  • fixed colorDiffuse property not working in deferred shading
  • extrude added to UI and fixed a extrude bug with multiple thickness
  • translate manip to support plane display.
  • future education web page


  • recorded codeblock tutorial 7
  • refine mirror command UI
  • electron multi-user remote desktop and screen recorder by CYF


  • over 500 haqi assets are imported to paracraft.
  • published code block tutorial 6
  • paracraft official website redesign plan.


  • player asset files now support categories
  • code block added tutorial page
  • sorted 1000 haqi models


  • new open asset file UI fully finished, all asset UI now uses the new interface
  • fix bmax model not rendering colors with fog disabled.
  • haqi server db login module cmake fix


  • code block and movie clip controller UI are mutually exclusive
  • movie block will auto select first camera or actor when in edit mode.
  • publish code block tutorial 5, recorded tutorial 6


  • iOS upload to apple store
  • code block now support multiple variables and better code expansion
  • blockly editor now support custom variables and uses a new blockly ui.
  • desktopLayoutRequested event added and code block and builder page now shows better together.

2018.8.7- 2018.8.8

  • fix mono2 under linux
  • block model can now be scaled and rotated via GUI.
  • minor fix class_ID type. Ignored mono class id
  • fix GetFileStat on android asset folder, in case web server served files in npl_packages folder
  • reviewed several projects


  • fixed npl_packages not found on Android's asset folder
  • OSX and iOS haved been archived, but cannot be validated by the app store
  • block model can be rotated


  • refined relative path file open without heap allocation
  • fixed a low level file open API with relative path and fixed asset preloader.
  • create MAC and iOS Apple and profiles on apple developer site
  • fixed several OSX submission issues for apple store
  • finished code block 4 and made code block 5 tutorial


  • fix iOS and Mac can not open http website
  • fix a runtime error when closing a movie block when bone editor is open
  • written a report for strategy and investigated on project based learning textbook and approaches
  • fixed MAC event leaking to other windows.
  • fix locale not saved on MAC/iOS


  • fixed osx mouse wheel and right button conflict bug
  • fix osx crash bug when mouse moved during startup
  • fixed various missing files to make sure paracraftassets project is working on OSX and iOS.
  • fixed mouse pos to cursor pos function XYtoCP, where last letter is never selected on OSX and iOS.
  • fixed mcml v2 window deactivation when not having focus.
  • fixed iOS multi-touch API
  • fixed iOS MAX_PATH too short causing some zip file IO unable to open


  • fix error message in code block not shown when movie block is being edited
  • fixed enable input method API
  • multiline edit box will show input method status, and allow users to toggle.
  • fix MakeActiveWindow, MCML v2 control will handle focus out event as window deactivation event.
  • all slash command input will disable IME
  • merged mcml tab key code and fixed a fully transparent background display bug
  • fixed iOS key event with a wrong system sound
  • fixed mouse wheel with high resolution mouse like in osx Mac
  • fix Mac, iOS key input not working bug.


  • enable ime supported for mcml text control.
  • Code block will disable IME (Chinese input) by default.
  • Created paracraft shared assets github project for iOS, OSX, Android


  • code block tutorial script
  • merged auto rigger to dev and cleaned up some commit
  • iOS device build passed, yet with some issues.
  • reviewed new keepwork front page and projects design


  • merging auto rigging related code and read related documentations
  • iOS build on MAC and iPhone, setup a local build system.
  • lesson 2 to kids on Maze project


  • keepwork培训+Paracraft官网组织内容开发
  • Code Block video tutorial 5: the MAZE
  • code block will hook all key press event, preventing it to be processed by scene context, including escape key.


  • paracraft android build with version check
  • MAC and iOS build prepare
  • Code Block video tutorial 4: the piano
  • Code Block video tutorial 3 done
  • paracraft buildin version check for android and ios.
  • paracraft official website to keepwork integration


  • reviewed paracraft's next-gen auto rigging system. Ending block facing design.
  • released paracraft
  • knowledge engine and lesson marketing execution plan
  • haqi server deploy execution plan


  • opening first class for K12 student
  • fixed headon display z pass in game engine
  • [design] worldshare support address history in full screen mode
  • changed movie overlayer object's icon
  • broadcast in code block will auto send triggering player or actor name if no msg is specified.


  • fix 3d UI picking and code block onclick event not reset when closed.
  • worldshare's recommended world supports auto-size
  • fixed worldshare's remote world url login
  • fixed external IP display in game server page. Add GetExternalIP API.
  • becomeAgent API added to code block, which can control the current player
  • try to fix code agent animation
  • minor fix IPC false return value display


  • command /show overlaybuffer added
  • code block UI pixel accurate picking
  • code UI overlay can have onclick event


  • Actor overlay now support 2d screen position
  • EntityOverlay now support screen mode
  • added more predefined sound file for code block
  • CodeUIActor for code block added 2d version.


  • block types with colors added and released
  • CodeUIActor for code block added, 3d version done.


  • fix parax exporter with custom bone name in bmax model.
  • fix carpet and slope model with custom colors
  • custom model directions with colors; add all color block types.
  • a trip outside


  • fix color 8 and 16 conversion for color block data
  • block pieces now has proper colors for color blocks
  • alt key now support pick 8 bit color block


  • unity of code block id with community version
  • block item with colors will be rendered with colors
  • "block_list.xml" now supports custom user and entity data
  • mesh and biped now supports diffuse and ambient color dynamic attribute
  • Entity now supports SetColor, code actor API now supports color property.
  • block texture atlas now supports different data colors of the same block_id.


  • block engine now supports 8 bits color data, all paracraft blocks can have 64 colors now.
  • contacted several institutions about lesson classes


  • code block video tutorial 1 finished
  • published world share and paracraft
  • fixed CDN source site of paracraft
  • 培训班宣传片+微信文稿确认
  • block model to support offset translation
  • code items now support dropdown with predefined option values.
  • did some teacher recruiting jobs


  • fix mcml2 page refresh with duplicated controls
  • block model to support auto mode translation
  • code block help panel supports more blockly types


  • adding physics height, radius and name property to code actor
  • added collision detection sensing API to code block
  • color block now support color picker UI in mcml2
  • fix ask(nil) logic: recursive coroutines not restored properly
  • remember scroll pos in code block editor when switching between multiple files


  • Fix drag code position on non-empty line in code block
  • collision API for code block
  • each code actor can has its own unique name.
  • isTouching API will return true for multiple instances of the same code actor
  • NPL hackathon reward and movie clip


  • design Animation Block with bluetooth and auto-bone binding
  • code block video tutorials
  • discussed strategy for paraworld and lesson system
  • knowledge engine design
  • Block Animation Model added for future implementation


  • Attended the 2nd STEM forum in Shenzhen, meeting pioneers from Harvard, MIT education professors, and new york high school teachers.
  • Fix turnTo conflicts with play animation
  • added repeat until to code block compiler
  • ask() will cancel dialog
  • code actor scaling now works when movie block does not contain scaling


  • added camera() and type() API to code block
  • fix name actor value in code block.
  • fix /sphere undo
  • fix uni substring bug for long strings
  • fix while compiler bug in code block
  • fix edit code block lose content when resize
  • fix ask,restart API recursion bug
  • add cube model to actor and fix default texture for all block models
  • add echo api to code block
  • NPL hackthon with 13 teams


  • ParaXModel now support loading static mesh file
  • added /blockpieces command
  • viewport areas for codeblock and movie block are refined
  • movie block will maintain aspect ratio.
  • ask API with choosing UI for code block


  • NPL code festival demo
  • paracraft official website redirected to


  • added camera yaw, pitch, exit command to code block
  • added setPos, getPos, getBlock, setBlock command to code block
  • fix manipulator mouse ray in scene viewport
  • fix picking for invisible entities
  • code block list window implemented for code block
  • fix new window class's key event ignore, now hotkey are shared
  • written 3 more complex game examples with code block


  • added camera rotation command
  • support exit command in code block
  • haqi 3d model store planned
  • training program planned and interviewed many people.


  • minor android worldshare write folder bug, released android apk
  • business trip for potential publisher, strategy and solve other team's legal issues.


  • added blockly editor to code block as a system mod
  • release v1.3 of code block, published android APK and fixed a dragging control bug in runtime
  • added blockly editor mod to system mod
  • fix arrow block rotation error
  • written tutorials 2 and 3


  • fix unistring word position
  • fix code actor play offset with rotation
  • fix code refresh
  • add velocity and focus API to code block
  • support show Variables to code API
  • Code UI implemented
  • auto focus after dragging in code editor
  • drag and drop added for code block
  • support actor set/get values
  • actor is only pickable when onclick event is set
  • mouse picking API added to code block
  • added timer API to code block
  • refined NPL text control to make it more like vs code.
  • refined auto tab key to spaces in text control
  • English translation of all code block examples


  • release v1.1 of code block
  • actor events are shared by multiple code blocks.
  • fixed clone with name.
  • added copy code sample to clipboard.


  • Code block adding 30 command tooltips
  • Multiple code block can share the same movie block.
  • refined code block user experience, adding auto movie block creation
  • fixing multiline editbox control
  • giving lesson 2 to several kids, writing report for US team.
  • added sound and control API for code block.


  • Code block adding 30 command tutorials and examples
  • release code block


  • move command now support time
  • Block code will now transmit code power to nearby code.


  • added bounce api to code block.
  • added many test cases to code blocks and refined motion logics


  • prevent enable Paracraft mod, which is already a system mod, like NPL CAD.
  • add broadcastAndWait in code block
  • fix textcontrol settext cursor pos bug.
  • added scale, scaleTo, etc to Code Block, changed default texture of code block.
  • filename added to code block
  • dozens of sensing API implemented for code block.
  • Merged MCI and worldshare PR


  • merged mcmlv2 syntax highlighting and make it compatible with mcmlv1
  • Code Block key and click event implementation
  • animation event added for code block
  • taught several kids lesson1 and reviewed it.


  • add full set of motion and clone command for code block
  • highlight for code actors added
  • click event and show/hide implemented for code actors
  • key event added for code block.


  • Code block compiler and CodeCoroutine implemented
  • Code event and clone method implemented for code block
  • global broadcast event implemented for code block
  • global start event added for codeblock, made it compatible with /sendevent start
  • Compiled movie codec plugin
  • meeting with BeiJing TianJi team on pattern matching


  • all redstone name and source code are renamed to electric power to avoid IP conflicts. Many files and text are changed.
  • fix help page and renamed all circuits tutorials.
  • MCI interface implementation which enables Paracraft to record sound from microphone input
  • Add mp3 output format to MovieCodecPlugin. Now you can export audio file if you like


  • CodeBlock logics 50%
  • removed tips during video recording
  • how to write good code lecture
  • lesson system v1.1 design finished
  • fix credits page
  • remake all audios in paracraft
  • fix haqi android build 2018.3.23-2018.5.19
  • released paracraft android using new cross-platform code
  • movie codec exporter now support 4K with non-real-time recording
  • main character changes and world shares
  • iicc competition and new keepwork editor
  • lesson system implemented
  • logitow renamed to paracraft bluetooth and architecture changed.
  • keepwork now uses https protocol
  • rewrite worldshare, recommended world is full screen, adding banners.
  • new CodeBlock implemented.
  • support tiled texture in block engine
  • overlay support transparent and solid mode
  • increased buffer picking performance, and bone joints rendering performance


  • NPLRuntime android build
  • added virtual keyboard and minikeyboard
  • designed lesson system and write 7 English lessons for paracraft.
  • released 7 English animation. "what do you do with an idea?" and "boy and apple tree"


  • mcml 2.0 css new layout system from chrome webkit.
  • designed initial draft for lesson system
  • studied and talked to teachergaming team.


  • webserver now support multi-threaded handler
  • NPLRuntime cross platform dev merge and fix old ci
  • fix haqi paracraft world login


  • fix replacetexture command
  • designed adi component
  • make website for tatfook
  • npl debugger for vscode support launch mode and debug current file.


  • fixed inventory view when inventory slot count changes
  • movie block now has at most 48 actors from 27.
  • npl debugger for vscode implemented


  • fix animation help page
  • tech roadmap written, NPL CAD roadmap clarified


  • added lib iconvert for encoding convert
  • non-animated parax model will use static vertex buffer for the first 256MB.
  • luajit external frame unwinding is disabled under x64.
  • studied frame unwinding


  • copy and paste any key frame data between movie blocks
  • adi mod refactored to use component
  • parent bone link now support rotation with dedicated UI for parent link.
  • Fix parent bone link algorithm with local translation and rotation.
  • fixed quaternion to euler angle conversion with any order.


  • bmax model can have unlimited blocks now instead of just 256 width.
  • newly exported ParaXModel has version, which support bigger index range.
  • fix parax exporter face visibility for adjacent blocks, parax exporter also support unlimited blocks. optimized performance.
  • fixed vertex start attribute for bmax object in both c++ and parax exporter plugin.
  • studied wix builder and preview logics
  • fixed movie exporter crash bug since last release.


  • fix NPL binary protocol conflict with custom NPL protocol
  • fix bmax coplanar face wrapping
  • delivery and marketing goals of 2018. Lots of meetings with headquarters
  • proposal of ADI white paper for art guideline


  • knowledge tracing blockchain designed
  • fixed parax exporter without bones
  • fixed win32 open folder with relative path.
  • web agent demo implemented with botui.


  • fixed parax exporter with non-decimal movie length
  • designed chat bot data interface for agent interface
  • NPL lab contract initial draft and review
  • smart contract studied in details.


  • fixed black color block not exported to paraxmodel
  • haqi server changes to new buildings. fixed haqi2 proxy.
  • custom TCP message supported in NPLRuntime


  • studied blockchain and its applications in education and knowledge system.
  • script API support get current executable real path


  • replaced old base64 implementation
  • fix child movie block and blocks not selectable in movie mode.
  • movie mode can now edit blocks when no actor is selected.


  • fixed npl file server cache with different http encoding
  • discussed web agent framework and its application in education
  • keepwork servers moved to a new place, fix paracraft CI with new ips
  • merged double click and triple click multiline edit box


  • fixed last camera key frame not played if it is very close to the previous key frame
  • strategy doc written and reviewed
  • nplc is already added to win32/64 installer and fixed win32 installer failing to load dll bug.


  • ParaIO.readline supported with tty and readline library under linux.
  • fix executable path not follow link under MAC
  • nplc fully implemented on linux, mac and windows
  • mcml2 support http texture and text shadow


  • fixed web socket in NPL connection to support long data grams.
  • nplc interpreter mode is added by default in linux.
  • optimized lua build and link options.
  • ParaX exporter now support saving bone names and unnamed bones are named same as bmax model file.


  • fix camera entity manipulator when there is no position key.
  • Fix mcml 1.0 StyleItem conflict with 2.0
  • added effect file call back
  • bipedobject now support geoset, merged avatar css pr.


  • parax file can now preserve bone names
  • fix fbx to x exporter, where offset matrix are supported
  • all transformation nodes without animation are collapsed into a single node to save CPU computation at load time.
  • various fixes for absolute world path and writable path
  • fixed block region lock api during load time.
  • movie block to parax exporter will ignore non-solid block and also support non-color blocks


  • generate warning for corrupted region file.
  • sandbox mode attribute added, which will check whether file write is allowed outside application directory.


  • worldshare plugin now support custom world writable file path folder.
  • fix open file dialog with non-absolute path
  • fix exporter with absolute path or path with space in path.
  • FBX now support relative path texture, or texture relative to app root. Updated doc.
  • fixed several bugs when switching to absolute world directory in paracraft.


  • NPL web socket support any text or binary format and wiki doc refined
  • multiline edit box now supports line number and fixed some drawing glitches
  • web agent framework discussed.


  • writable path is honored when creating or loading new world. By default it is the working directory.
  • fixed invalid texture file reload
  • Video tutorial: Paracraft block model and parax exporter
  • checkpoint block design and implementation.
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