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OpenPDF5 is a fork of iText 5 - maintained as open source project with an AGPL license. ⛺
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OpenPDF5 is an open source library for PDF files, maintained in accordance with the AGPL license. OpenPDF5 is a maintained fork of iText 5, and is licensed as AGPL software.

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Latest version

The latest release of OpenPDF5 is version OpenPDF5 5.6.1.
OpenPDF5 can be downloaded here:


Release the hounds! Please send all pull requests. Make sure that your contributions can be released with a AGPL license.

Why OpenPDF5?

OpenPDF5 is a fork of iText 5, maintained in accordance with the AGPL open source license. This fork has been created to ensure that iText 5 will stay maintained, since the iText company has decided to deprecate iText 5. This ensures that users of iText 5 will get security updates forever.

We encourage users of OpenPDF5 and iText5, to "upgrade" to OpenPDF:

OpenPDF5 consists of several jars.

The main OpenPDF5 release contains:

  • itextpdf-x.y.z.jar: the core library
  • itext-xtra-x.y.z.jar: extra functionality (PDF 2!)
  • itext-pdfa-x.y.z.jar: PDF/A-related functionality
  • xmlworker-x.y.z.jar: XML (and HTML) functionality

OpenPDF5 is hosted on

You can find the latest releases here:

You can also build iText from source.

OpenPDF5 is licensed as AGPL software.

AGPL is a free / open source software license.

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