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About LuaDist

LuaDist is an effort to provide self contained packages for the Lua programming language. All packages are built using CMake which helps us to ensure compatibility between multiple platforms, architectures and compilers. Packages containing dependency information and can be automatically deployed using the provided deployment utility. However all packages can be installed independently provided you ensure all its dependencies are available. This allows you to reuse our modules to build custom Lua distributions.

The automatic deployment utility is a true package manager similar to RPM, macports, pacman etc. It can handle multiple platforms, compilers and architectures seamlessly making it a unique cross-platform package manager. LuaDist was designed to install Lua modules but it can be used to install any software and the development is slowly working its way towards this goal.

LuaDist Features.

  • Multiplatform package manager (Windows/Linux/Unix/OSX).
  • CMake based modules which can be installed manually.
  • Zero configuration.
  • Self contained installation, everything is installed into a single directory.
  • Can be used in combination with host package managers.
  • Everything, LuaDist included, is under version management.
  • Can be used to install from source, binaries or both.
  • In binary mode CMake dependency is not required.
  • Can be used to deploy applications to end users.
  • Supports different Lua interpreters such as LuaJIT transparently.


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Basic Use

Creating Packages

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