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LuaDist Bootstrap Build Status

This repository contains an installation script that will bootstrap a self contained LuaDist distribution. To build LuaDist please make sure your system has git, CMake 2.8 and a compiler tool-chain available. On Ubuntu this requires cmake 2.8 and build-essential. This build will take quite a while to compile, please be patient.

Checking out of git and run:

git clone git://
cd bootstrap

Once the installation finishes the folder should contain a fully versioned LuaDist distribution in _install subdirectory:

cd _install
./bin/luadist list # lists installed modules
./bin/luadist search # lists online repository
./bin/luadist install luaexpat # installs luaexpat     

You can move and rename the _install folder as desired.


  1. Submit a issue with a link to your git repository of the module.
  2. A maintainer will fork the module into LuaDist grant you the rights to push changes into it.
  3. The maintainer will add a submodule referencing the forked module into this LuaDist/Repository.

Call for Maintainers

If you would like to help us maintain the repository and update modules without maintainers you are more than welcome. Please contact us at our development list