A multiple-inheritance class library for Lua.
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MI Lua classes

Current version: 2.04.04, Nov 15, 2010


        classlib.doc            The manual.
        classlib-summary.doc    A brief summary using named classes.
        unclasslib-summary.doc  A brief summary using unnamed classes.
        classlib.lua            The library. Load with require 'classlib'.
        unclasslib.lua          A version that only supports unnamed classes.

        Simple examples:

        single.lua              Single inheritance, unnamed classes.
        multiple.lua            Multiple inheritance, unnamed classes.
        nsingle.lua             Single inheritance, named classes.
        nmultiple.lua           Multiple inheritance, named classes.
        account.lua             Multiple inheritance, named classes.

        tuple.lua               A tuple class with indexing.
        set.lua                 A set class with metamethods.


If keep_ambiguous = true is defined before loading the library, ambiguous
symbols are not deleted from classes and objects but left there with a special
value. This might be useful for debugging and/or understanding how derivation 
handles ambiguity.

Unclasslib.lua is a version of classlib.lua that only supports unnamed classes.
It should be a little bit more efficient since it eliminates one redundant 
indexing level when accessing base objects.