This is a big-number library for Lua 5.1
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This is a big-number library for Lua 5.1. It is based on the arbitrary
precision library MAPM written by Michael C. Ring. MAPM is available at

To try the library, edit Makefile to reflect your installation of Lua and
MAPM. Then run make. This will build the library and run a simple test.
For detailed installation instructions, see

There is no manual but the library is simple and intuitive; see the summary
below. Read also test.lua, which shows the library in action.

This code is hereby placed in the public domain. MAPM has its own license.
Please send comments, suggestions, and bug reports to .


mapm library:
 __add(x,y) 		 cbrt(x) 		 mod(x,y) 
 __div(x,y) 		 ceil(x) 		 mul(x,y) 
 __eq(x,y) 		 compare(x,y) 		 neg(x) 
 __lt(x,y) 		 cos(x) 		 number(x) 
 __mod(x,y) 		 cosh(x) 		 pow(x,y) 
 __mul(x,y) 		 digits([n]) 		 round(x) 
 __pow(x,y) 		 digitsin(x) 		 sign(x) 
 __sub(x,y) 		 div(x,y) 		 sin(x) 
 __tostring(x) 		 exp(x) 		 sincos(x) 
 __unm(x) 		 exponent(x) 		 sinh(x) 
 abs(x) 		 factorial(x) 		 sqrt(x) 
 acos(x) 		 floor(x) 		 sub(x,y) 
 acosh(x) 		 idiv(x,y) 		 tan(x) 
 add(x,y) 		 inv(x) 		 tanh(x) 
 asin(x) 		 iseven(x) 		 tonumber(x) 
 asinh(x) 		 isint(x) 		 tostring(x,[n,exp]) 
 atan(x) 		 isodd(x) 		 version 
 atan2(y,x) 		 log(x) 
 atanh(x) 		 log10(x)