Docker wrapper around Linux Game Server Managers for Rust
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Luzifer / rust-server

This repository contains a Docker setup for Linux Game Server Managers Rust management script.

How to use

  • Choose a directory which will be used to persist downloaded gameserver data, maps, player data, ... (Needs ~6GB disk-space)
    This README will use /data/rust as chosen directory. So replace that one with your choice in all commands.
  • Execute chown 1000:1000 /data/rust to enable the unprivileged user in the container to write into that directory
  • Do a first installation of the server: (This will require quite a time as it downloads a 5.8GB gameserver)
    docker run --rm -ti -v /data/rust:/home/rustserver --name rust luzifer/rust-server auto-install
  • Edit /data/rust/rustserver script and exchange RCON password and other configuration variables
  • Edit /data/rust/serverfiles/server/rust-server/cfg/server.cfg and set the description, image and URL of your server
  • Start your server:
    docker run -d -p 28015:28015/udp -p 28016:28016 \
              -v /data/rust:/home/rustserver --name rust \
              luzifer/rust-server start
  • To stop the server I recommend using the RCON console and the command quit. This will ensure the server has created a proper savegame.
  • To update the server stop it and afterwards execute the update:
    docker run --rm -ti -v /data/rust:/home/rustserver luzifer/rust-server update