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  1. shapash Public

    🔅 Shapash makes Machine Learning models transparent and understandable by everyone

    Jupyter Notebook 1.3k 185

  2. thoth Public

    Event sourcing in java with vavr, akka stream and vertx reactive PG driver

    Java 24 4

  3. otoroshi Public

    Lightweight api management on top of a modern http reverse proxy

    Scala 192 28

  4. melusine Public

    Melusine is a high-level library for emails classification and feature extraction "dédiée aux courriels français".

    Jupyter Notebook 250 38

  5. izanami Public

    Izanami is a shared configuration, feature flipping and A/B testing server well-suited for micro-service architecture implementation.

    Scala 142 33

  6. daikoku Public

    The developer portal that was missing in Otoroshi

    Scala 20 5