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Note: Please read the notes for license usage in the wiki and for further MCT files.

This wiki is about the game „Mass Control Tycoon“. The game should use node-webkit, which uses web technologies, because the project maintainer MKelm has a web developer background. Basically node-webkit is an application engine/framework which uses an optimized software renderer. But node-webkit supports WebGL (like OpenGL ES) too and the game should use a WebGL accelerated 2D graphics renderer to get fast game graphics (you can detect if WebGL works, if you have a look at the system data in a survey).

You can find a short overview about the game idea here: The game should offer a tycoon like game which simulates the build process of a mass control system with a company. The company should gain influence on other companies to get new knowledge, to gain influence on politics to make new products possible and to gain influence on mafia to get secret information and knowledge. The game process should include to produce several products on a special market for (mass) control products with existing/future knowledge. The game should start in 1984 with a fictive company and should take 1000 years (round about 200h real playtime) until the year 2984. It should make company extension possible, from earth to wide areas of the universe. The game should contain chapters with a story for the earth, other planets and so on, mainly fictive.

The game should contain a GPLv3 license because MKelm has good experiences with GPL projects. It should be a non-profit project, just for fun and a good experience.

The GPL license allows modifications in any form from the beginning. But it allows you to join the development team too, at every time. If you are a web developer and know something about HTML, CSS, JavaScript it should be easy to start with it. If you want to learn these techniques you are invited. You can contact MKelm to get a wiki article for learning resources or you can write your own if you have the experience. Of course, if you are interested in the game and have good ideas or can make graphics/sounds you can participate the project too. If you want to learn something about graphic/sound creation, you can contact MKelm too, to get an learning article about it, but it will be a rudimentary article. If you have more experience in these topics, you can make a nice article about it on your own, you are invited.

MKelm is maintaining the concept/story development in the wiki, you can join this process by adding / commenting issues for the concept/story milestones. You should not edit wiki articles about the concept/story directly. New wiki articles and wiki changes are better for the later development process. Then you can help to develop algorithms and solutions for the game in the wiki or with issues too. So you do not need knowledge about specific languages or the engine/framework absolutely, to do this.

If you want to participate in the wiki and in the issues you need an account only. allows to add comments/discussions inside the source code too. If you want to join the source code development or want to add graphics, sounds for the game library you need to fork the project into your own account. After you have changed/added something you can make a pull request to the main repository, to get your contents into it. Please read the help topics on to get more information about it. More about the issues interface here. If you participate the developing progress you will become a contributor in the team.

If you have bigger problems to use forks and pull requests, you can download the game package via "Download ZIP" from the main page, but you will have to download all data every time, which will be much slower. Or you can use git too, to clone the repository only without a fork:

After that you can update files in the mct folder at every time

  • git remote update

If you want to submit your changes without a fork / pull request, use a online hoster to upload the changes and submit the link to an issue. Or use GitHub Gist to paste your code, if it not so much.

It needs a lot of work to be done to generate a game with such a large future scope, so helping hands are always good to have here. A higher amount of contributors increases the game quality too. Or the playtime limit can be reduced as far as needed to make the game not to boring at the end, if the extension ideas go out.

Please read the following articles too:

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