Opa Apps

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Take a look on some applications built with Opa.


  • PixlPaste - Simple, free, reliable way to share your pixels.
  • Boxopa - A simple file sharing app written in Opa.
  • Opa Wiki - A simple wiki written in OPA, with changes broadcasted on an embedded chat.
  • Opa CMS - The first open source CMS in Opa. Features real-time editing: definitely a great project for contributors.
  • Dopa - A Collaborative Document Editor
  • FeedBo - A web dashboard for reading feeds


  • OpaDo - Opa port of the TodoMVC app improved with adding user accounts.

Developer Tools

  • RiskyBird - Regular expression authors best friend.
  • Webshell - a basic terminal application that features a custom line editor.
  • OpaGmap - Opa plugin for GoogleMaps
  • Table Builder - Build easily a table in Opa.


  • Opa Chess - A multiplayer (no AI) chess game implemented using the Opa.
  • Mahjong - An HTML5 Chinese classical Mahjong game in Opa. The autor simplify the rules and redesign some tiles to make it easy to play, especially for those who can't recognize Chinese characters.
  • Opa Tetris - A Tetris Game in Opa.
  • Opacman - HTML5 Pacman in Opa.
  • Rubix - A Rubik's cube explorer in Opa.
  • Opa Poker - Create a server on your Mac and play poker with anybody on your LAN with access to a simple web browser.
  • Tictacopa - The first open source connect4 game in Opa (aka "puissance 4" in French). The application proposes an IA written in Opa to play with the server.

Social Networking

  • Opa Chat by hbbio - A real-time webchat, with saved history, timestamps, system messages... in less than 100 lines of Opa.
  • Opa Chat - An improved fork of Opa Chat.
  • Opaque - Simple blogging software written in Opa.
  • Two Penny - A real-time microblogging application.

Graphics & Design

  • WebGL Demo - This basic 3D tool will allow you to collaboratively create a cubic scene.
  • White Board - Collaborative white board.
  • Contre Jour - A toy image gallery application for Opa. Features: thumbnails, reduced-size view, full-size view, reduced images computed on need and cached.


  • EasyCount - A basic application to handle the accounts of friends. Good accounts make good friends.


  • Jeatleague - trip booking and planning.
  • Placeloop helps local businesses increase digital loyalty and sales through an easy to use web interface and customized mobile applications.
  • Opa Forum - a minimalist forum offering real-time discussions.
  • Opa API
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