WebSocket exception handling.
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WebSocket Exception Handling

Demonstrates that GlassFish 4.0.1-b08-m1/Tyrus x.x successfully handles application exceptions occuring in a @ServerEndpoint. WildFly 8.1.0/Undertow 1.0.15 force-close the endpoint without even calling @OnClose. A bug (with a finer description) has been filed here: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/UNDERTOW-284

How-to setup this project

Just open the project like any other Maven-based Java project. The project uses Arquillian as test runner. The POM file include two profiles for GlassFish- and WildFly remote. Thus make sure that either GlassFish or WildFly is running, and have the corresponding maven build profile activated, then just build/test the project and the test application will be deployed and executed live on the server.


A workaround for Undertow is to write a decorator method that intercept the message processing and wrap the real message handler in a try-catch statement. If a RuntimeException is caught, then programmatically call the @OnError annotated method. Here's a code sketch:

private boolean serverIsUsingUndertow() {
    // Alternatively, use Session.getContainer()
    return ContainerProvider.getWebSocketContainer()

/** Is decorator. */
public void onMessage(String data)
    if (serverIsUsingUndertow()) // <-- should be cached
        try { __onMessage(data); }
        catch (RuntimeException e) { onError(e); } // <-- the Undertow hack

/** Is the real message handler. */
private void __onMessage(String data) {
    // ... process as usual

public void onError(Throwable throwable) {
    // ... process as usual