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Welcome to the Ray Tracer Ground Up Java wiki!


This project is a Java port of the code from Kevin Suffern's Ray Tracing from the Ground Up and is at present reasonably complete. All code that was in the book's downloads has been ported and completed to make everything compile correctly. The downloads were not all complete, but this code base appears to be in working order. There are some anomalies between the images that this code generates and the images from the book's website, some of which are benign (noise patterns) and some are more worrisome (dimmer highlights on interior of transparent objects).


Note this section assumes you will be using the most recent release of the code base.

The project is intended to be downloaded mostly by developers learning how ray tracing works. It does however run as a stand alone executable jar file. The jar file, when run, opens a window with several menu bar items. To render an image, select a build function from the build function menu and select start from the render menu.

The program recursively searches a package and sub-packages for all classes that implement the BuildWorldFunction interface. A planned feature is for the project to also search a specific folder for build functions as well.

If a build function is not selected the last one loaded will be used.