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  • PR #948: Update infantry record sheet printing for primary weapons doing more than .6 damage per trooper
  • PR #949: Standardized Suite Version Tracking
  • Issue #935: Can change jump MP and jump jet type on BA that didn't have jump jets without the app freaking out
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  • Issue #912: Changing AMS, A-Pod, and B-Pod display text from PD to PB
  • Issue #905: Preventing Full Head Ejection NPE
  • PR #917: Remove prototype heatsinks from equipment tab
  • PR #918: Show unused tonnage in the status bar
  • PR #919: Show multiple equipment locations on the record sheet
  • Issue #870: Wrong aerospace fighter speed in clipboard export
  • Issue #871: Partial Wing heat dissipation on record sheet
  • Issue #873: Beagle Active Probe range on record sheet
  • Issue #885: Heat Sink/Laser Insulator Interaction on Vehicles
  • Issue #886: Prototype Triple Strength Myomer
  • Issue #884: Reengineered laser damage type
  • PR #926: Enable infantry field guns to use HVACs, if you wanted to do that for some reason
  • Issue #888: Artemis IV Validation
  • Issue #890: Mixed Tech QuaddVee Compact Heat Sinks multiple problems
  • Issue #897: Additional peculiar entry for Clan Machine-Gun Ammo
  • Bug: IS MASC not filtered out with Clan tech base
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  • PR #859: Allow MML config to be loaded in memory only
  • PR #892: Account for missing actuators in shield pips
  • PR #894: Change source and target compatibility to Java 11
  • Issue #638: Industrial Mechs should be able to use Torso Mounted Cockpits
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  • Issue #861: Advanced SRM wrong damage/missile
  • Issue #860: Aero missiles available to tanks
  • Issue #866: Cannot assign Artemis IV or V to Improved missiles on dropships
  • Issue #872: Incorrect loaded design validation for clan LFC warship armor
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  • Issue #845: Compact engine and gyro not adjacent on superheavies
  • Issue #846: Ammunition in any location on a Clan 'Mech giving explosive ammunition BV penalty
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  • PR #832: Switch to EquipmentType::equals for AmmoType, etc
  • Issue #830: Older primitive small craft get more fuel than newer ones
  • Issue #840: Patchwork Armor on VTOL rotor incorrectly flagged as invalid
  • Issue #841: Superheavy patchwork armor crits
  • Issue #842: Double heatsinks incorrectly switching between Clan and IS versions
  • Issue #844: Talons not handled correctly for superheavies or tripods