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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 21, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #336: Quad Battlemechs are unable to allocate industrial physical weapons to their side torsos
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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 12, 2019 · 2 commits to stable since this release

  • Issue #333: ASF printing - Missing armor pips
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@neoancient neoancient released this Jul 23, 2019 · 7 commits to stable since this release

  • Issue #280: Wrong rounding for Partial Wing
  • Issue #279: BA SRM Torpedo ammo fails to load
  • Issue #281: Issue printing BV to Record Sheet
  • Issue #283: Cost Calculation issue for Warships
  • Issue #287: Cannot remove gyro from interface equipped mech
  • Issue #288: Maximum armor on a jumpship is too high
  • Issue #289: other problems allocating armor to primitive jumpships
  • Issue #290: problems with the export to clipboard (text) function
  • Issue #291: Problem with ammunition display in the text tech readout output for large spacecraft
  • Issue #292: BA Saving of IS BA ECM as wrong type
  • Issue #300: Ultralight battlemech with Partial Wing only raise Jump MP by 1.
  • Issue #297: Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle can be mounted on the vehicle turret and can be used by the unit without fusion or fission engine.
  • Issue #301: LAM reports Walk MP same as its Jump MP
  • Issue #302: Medium Shield doesn't affect Jump MP at all
  • Issue #299: Equipment tab does not refresh when unit type changes
  • Issue #306: Clan Vehicular Jump Jets
  • Issue #304: Double Sponson Weight
  • Issue #305: Mixed IS techbase & Clan BA Fire Resistant
  • Issue #313: Bomb Bay is unavailable for LAM
  • Issue #185: Battle Armour Tube Artillery Ammo/Slot limit
  • Issue #311: Incorrect heat for Nova CEWS
  • Issue #320: Cannot add heat sinks after changing engine type
  • Bug: Maximum docking hardpoints not updating when JS/WS/SS tonnage changes.
  • PR #326: Removed proprietary fonts from distribution. Users can select the font for use in record sheet printing from the configuration dialog.
  • Issue #324: Improved Heavy Gauss can be split between Arms and Torsos
  • Issue #325: Engine Free heat sink count overflows variable when changing weight on an Omni mech
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@neoancient neoancient released this Mar 24, 2019 · 83 commits to master since this release

v0.45.4 (2019-03-24 1700 UTC)

  • Fixed vehicle and aero slot calculations for patchwork armor.
  • Issue #202: Clan Improved Autocannon 20 has no standard ammunition
  • Issue #249: Warship Validation error
  • Issue #247: Patchwork Armour Broken on Vehicles
  • Issue #250: Armouring Split Components Shows and Counts Incorrect Tonnage
  • Issue #254: Second Printed Vee Name in All Caps
  • Issue #252: Heat Sink pips not printing properly
  • Issue #260: Some issue to allocate the components of LAM
  • Issue #261: LAM's motive type doesn't change the weight of its conversion equipment.
  • Issue #7: Pilot name printing on RSs
  • Issue #271: Bug of interaction with Partial Wing, Improved Jump Jet and Hardened Armor
  • PR #262: Add buttons to clone aerospace side locations.
  • PR #273: Advanced aerospace record sheet printing
  • Issue #272: Modular Armor effectively prevents to put Jump Jet
  • Issue #267: Dropship armor values calculating and auto-allocating incorrectly
  • Issue #276: Auto allocate skips advanced aerospace side rear locations
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@neoancient neoancient released this Feb 12, 2019 · 221 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #223: Quad Protomech engine weight
  • Bug: Missing codecs to display fluff image on record sheets.
  • Issue #228: BA VTOL and UMU movement types
  • Issue #230: Protomech Weapons
  • Issue #232: docking hardpoint limits incorrect
  • Issue #222: Protomech armor glitches
  • Issue #231: Stack Overflow Exception while saving Battle Armor
  • Issue #234: Spheroid dropship side arc equipment assigned to wrong location
  • Issue #240: Long range for ATM Standard incorrect on printed record sheets
  • Issue #242: Enters bad state when changing clan mech tonnage
  • Issue #238: Aero recordsheet not printing correctly
  • Use current BT logo on record sheets.
  • Issue #237: Large amounts of weapons overtax warship creation
  • Added "Printing" tab to configuration dialog with some options to customize record sheets (mechs only for now).
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@neoancient neoancient released this Nov 18, 2018 · 259 commits to master since this release

  • Switched build system from ant to gradle.
  • Bug: Aerospace transport tab does not refresh when tech base/year/level changes.
  • Issue #195: Multiple Items of One Ammo Type Don't Add to Available Tonnage for Large Craft
  • Issue #198: Nova CEWS & heat sinks on vehicles
  • Issue #203: Inner Sphere Endo Steel is unavailable to early clan mechs
  • Issue #194: Large Aerospace Unit Tonnage Doesn't Update at Bottom of Screen
  • Issue #206: Mass Driver Ammo doesn't use up weight
  • Issue #208: MMLs don't seem to need gunners
  • Issue #207: Warship Crew Accommodation Officer Count/Quarters
  • PR #209: System-wide equipment [general location for non-weapon equipment for aerospace units and
    ammo in fighters]
  • Issue #205: Blue Shield Particle Field Dampener (BSPFD) can't be dragged into ASF slots
  • Issue #210: Superheavy printing issue: Armor distribution wrong?
  • Issue #211: Warship Cost Breakdown shows BV calculation
  • Issue #186: Weapons & Equipment Inventory table content linespacing
  • Issue #213: Battle Armor Pop Up Mines way too heavy
  • Issue #214: Battle Armour Sorting Equipment by Weight
  • Issue #215: Quadvees have issues with Quadvee cockpits and XL/XXL engines
  • iSSUE #218: Heavy Gauss Rifles on Superheavy 'Mechs Triggering Split Crit Dialog
  • PR #212: Protomechs
  • PR #221: TRO and fluff [Export format defaults to TRO-style, older format available in configuration dialog.
    Adds tab for editing unit fluff.]
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@HammerGS HammerGS released this Sep 4, 2018 · 404 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #178: Equipment Table getting stuck on one equipment type.
  • Issue #181: Cannot assign silver bullet gauss ammo to dropship
  • Issue #182: Cruise Missile Ammo on Dropships erratic allocation behavior
  • Issue #184: Vehicular Stealth Armour Requirements
  • PR #172: Advanced aerospace construction
  • Update MegaMek.jar to v0.45.1
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@HammerGS HammerGS released this Aug 4, 2018 · 468 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #169: Request Users Java Version Be Printed To Log File
  • Issue #32: UI elements do not allow enough area for text on Linux (Gnome 3/Fedora)
    Added menu to allow user to select look and feel theme.
  • Issue #170: Infantry Window Title Not Updating
  • Issue #168: Changing mech type, tonnage or heat sink type causes irrecoverable error when assigning critical locations
  • Issue #142: Fixed issues with setting cockpit type when switching other mech settings
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@HammerGS HammerGS released this Jun 24, 2018 · 488 commits to master since this release

  • If no fluff image is found for the model, check for generic chassis image for record sheet.
  • Issue #160: Industrial Mechs ICE engine Tech Progression Wrong
  • Update MegaMek.jar to v0.44.0
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