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A golfing language that is probably terrible. It is currently being developed. Actually is the spiritual successor to Seriously. Actually is stack-based, and is unique in its amount of single-character commands. Every character whose ordinal is in [0,255] does something (or will, once I finish development).

All strings are valid programs. There is no such thing as a syntax error, and anything that appears to be a runtime error is actually a no-op (NOP). If you call a command that expects a string on top of the stack, but the top value is an integer, instead of throwing an error, it silently performs a NOP. Eventually, this will not be seen, as the goal for Seriously is for every character and stack state to map to a command.

Seriously's name was inspired by this challenge. Actually followed because it is also an adverb, and it also looks funny in answer headers.

Try the online interpreter. This is part of Try it online! by @DennisMitchell.


See commands.txt


Hello, World!


If you prefer a more interesting version:

"Hello, World!"

Primality Test


99 Bottles of Beer


Coprimality Test


Counting the divisors of a number