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# Mibew Messenger Mibew Messenger is an open-source live support application written in PHP and MySQL. It enables one-on-one chat assistance in real-time directly from your website. ## About this repository This repository contains all files related to internationalization (i18n) of Mibew Messenger application. Locales names are following RFC 5646 but the region code is lowercased. ## Terms of Use Mibew Messenger internationalization (i18n) is a part of the Mibew project and licensed under the terms of [Apache License, Version 2.0]( ## Other repositories of the Mibew project 1. [Mibew Messenger core repository]( 2. [Mibew Messenger design repository]( 3. [Mibew Java applications repository]( 4. [Mibew Tray repository](