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Windows UI Library: the latest Windows 10 native controls and Fluent styles for your applications
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Windows UI Library

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WinUI is a user interface layer that contains modern controls and styles for building Windows apps. As the native UI layer in Windows it embodies Fluent Design, giving each Windows app the polished feel that customers expect.

WinUI 2 is a library of controls that provides official native Microsoft UI controls and features for Windows UWP apps. WinUI 2 can be used in any Windows 10 UWP XAML app, or in a Xamarin.Forms app running on Windows 10 using native view embedding.

WinUI 3 is the next version of the WinUI framework, shipping later this year. It dramatically expands WinUI into a full UX framework, making WinUI available for all types of Windows apps – from Win32 to UWP – for use as the UI layer.

WinUI Community Calls

The WinUI community call is your monthly opportunity to learn about native UX development for Windows with WinUI.

In these calls we’ll discuss the WinUI roadmap, our status and your feedback.

You can watch them online here on YouTube at the Windows Developer channel.

Add the event to your calendar: ICS calendar file

WinUI 3.0 Alpha (February 2020)

As outlined in the roadmap we're currently working on WinUI 3.0, which will greatly expand the scope of WinUI to include the full native Windows UI platform.

You can now download an early build of WinUI 3.0 Alpha to try out - we'd love your feedback!

For more info see the discussion issue #1965.

Using WinUI

You can download and use WinUI packages in your app using the NuGet package manager: see the Getting Started with the Windows UI Library page for more information.


NuGet Package Build Status Latest Versions Documentation
Controls and Fluent Design for UWP apps
Build Status latest stable version
latest prerelease version
2.4 release
Low-level APIs for middleware components
latest prerelease version 2.0 prerelease

You can also build a WinUI package yourself from source. See Contributing to the Windows UI Library for more information on building and contributing to WinUI.


WinUI usage documentation:

Release notes:

Sample code:
To view the WinUI controls in an interactive format, check out the Xaml Controls Gallery:

Contributing to WinUI

The WinUI team welcomes feedback and contributions!

For information on how to contribute please see Contributing to the Windows UI Library.

WinUI features


WinUI 2 provides some useful benefits when building apps for Windows 10:

  1. Helps you stay up to date
    WinUI helps keep your app up to date with the latest versions of key controls and features of UWP XAML and the Fluent Design System

  2. Provides backward compatibility
    WinUI is backward-compatible with a wide range of Windows 10 versions: you can start building and shipping apps with new XAML features immediately as soon as they're released, even if your users aren't on the latest version of Windows 10

  3. Makes it simpler to build version adaptive apps
    You don't need version checks or conditional XAML markup to use WinUI controls or features: WinUI automatically adapts to the user's OS version

Version support

The Microsoft.UI.Xaml 2.3 NuGet package requires your project to have TargetPlatformVersion >= 10.0.18362.0 and TargetPlatformMinVersion >= 10.0.15063.0 when building.

Your app's users can be on any of the following supported Windows 10 versions:

  • Windows Insider Previews
  • May 2019 Update (18362 aka "19H1")
  • October 2018 Update (17763 aka "Redstone 5")
  • April 2018 Update (17134 aka "Redstone 4")
  • Fall Creators Update (16299 aka "Redstone 3")
  • Creators Update (15063 aka "Redstone 2")

Some features may have a reduced or slightly different user experience on older versions, particularly on builds before 15063. This should not impact overall usability.


For info on the WinUI release schedule and high level plans please see the Windows UI Library Roadmap.


This project collects usage data and sends it to Microsoft to help improve our products and services. See the privacy statement for more details.

For more information on telemetry implementation see the developer guide.

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