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Welcome to the Phoniebox Wiki

Phoniebox is a contactless jukebox for the Raspberry Pi, playing audio files, playlists, podcasts, web streams and spotify triggered by RFID cards. All plug and play via USB, no soldering iron needed. Update: if you must, it now also features a howto for adding GPIO buttons controls.

On the right you see the list of available documentation.

This wiki is in the making. I plan to move all the documentation and community contributions for third party solutions (like soundcards, special RFID reader, AirPlay, Bluetooth, etc.) to the wiki.

If you want to help working on the wiki, you are more than welcome to do so :)

All the best, micz

Phoniebox Gallery

Every Phoniebox is an individual! This is one of the most inspiring and gratifying experiences: Phoniebox is about Open Source AND Open Design. Share your design here and view the Phoniebox Gallery here.

Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption

See more innovation, upcycling and creativity in the Phoniebox Gallery or visit and share the project's homepage at There is also an english Phoniebox page.

Reporting bugs

To make maintenance easier for everyone, please run the following script and post the results when reporting a bug. (Note: the results contain some personal information like IP or SSID. You might want to erase some of it before sharing with the bug report.)


Just copy this line and paste it into your terminal on the pi.

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