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WebMap - SKS

This repository contains a Winforms demo for sales purpose.

If you want more technical documentation about our webmap product:

Repository Contents

This folder contains the back-end and front-end related to the Salmon King Seafood or SKS demo, a functional demo related to Winforms created by

How to build

Building locally

If you want to build this project on your development machine, just check that you match this requirements:

NOTE: Your installation of Visual Studio, must include the *ASP.NET and Web Development Feature *

To install this feature open your VS installer and Go to Workloads tab and then turn on ASP.Net and web development as in the following picture: AspWebDevelopment

To build your application just open the SKS\SKS.sln file with VS Studio and select Rebuild. This will install any missing dependencies and trigger the build process.

NOTE: the angular frontend is already built. If you want to build it yourself see the step on Building the Frontend code.

Building the FrontEnd code

To build the frontend code make sure you already have Node.js LTS installed.

Open a terminal at SKS\sks-angular and run:

npm config set "@mobilize:registry" ""
npm install
npm run build