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Make H5 as easy as building blocks!

H5编辑器,H5制作神器,H5 editor,lowcode

Welcome to H5-Dooring 👋

Version Documentation license:GPL3.0

H5-Dooring is a powerful, open source, free H5 visual page configuration solution dedicated to providing a simple, convenient, professional and reliable, unlimited set of H5 landing page best practices. The technology stack is mainly react, developed in the background using nodejs.


home🏠 demo doc📦 tutorial wiki
website Demo Document 视频&Video wiki

note: If the official visit is too slow, visit the H5-Dooring for Singapore

English | 简体中文

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👤 alex_xu

🤝 Contributing and support

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page.

Give a ⭐️ if this project helped you!

Privatization Deployment documentation


  1. editor

    • Guides
    • The underlying component
    • Visual components
    • Media components
    • Product components
    • Dragper
    • Configure the panel
    • Form designer
    • (Multi) Page management (copy, edit, delete, new)
    • Component animation
    • Component interaction
    • Data source management
    • Quick preview
    • Real machine preview
    • Undo and redo
    • WeChat shares
    • shortcut key
    • The template library
    • Desktop software, Dooring-electron, supports offline use
  2. Enhanced features

    • Upload json, convert to H5 with one click
    • Photo gallery
    • Code capability (download source, download dis package)
  3. backend API

    • Create, save, and update your work
    • User management, rights management
    • One-click intelligent analysis
    • Data look
    • Form data collection
    • Form data presentation
    • Form data analysis, one-click export excel, form multi-condition search
    • Preview online
    • QR code preview
    • Template management
    • Code interface

Update the log

  1. Whether the video component adds a full-screen configuration item when playing
  2. Fixes a click failure of the icon component
  3. The editor supports multi-size switching and canvas size customization
  4. Fix multilingual issues with background management analytics forms
  5. The component library supports user-defined selection

Technology Sharing

The back-end section

The back-end part because of the knowledge points involved is more, is not the focus of this article, so here is a few points, you can use completely different technology to achieve back-office services, such as PHP, Java, Python or Egg. The author here is using the "koa" .

Specific code can refer to the full stack development article:


  1. Download the code
git clone
  1. Go to the project catalog
cd ./h5-Dooring
  1. Install the dependency package
yarn pkg


Launch the app locally

yarn start
cnpm run start

注意: 如果window系统下无法启动, 请移步 dooring-electron

How to run the downloaded code ?

  1. The compression package can be unzipped directly to the server root, and access to the root address is sufficient
  2. 'vscode' installs the Live Server plug-in, unzips the downloaded compression package into a folder, opens with 'vscode', clicks on Live Server, and notes that to remove the 'index .html' of the startup path, change it to '/'

If you find that the local boot component drag and drop encountered strange errors, is the third-party component in the development environment bug, you can take a step to solve:

If you find that the local start-up component drag encountered strange errors, is a bug that should be a third-party component in the development environment, can be resolved in a way:

yarn dev
cnpm run dev

The premise is to install the http-server module first.

Browsers support

Modern browsers does not support IE browser

IE / Edge
Edge last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions

Contact us


Twitter Account:@H5Dooring

Partner project


Open source is not easy, with your sponsorship, we will do better

Technical feedback and communication