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Simple IOT React Client

This project is a React client for .Net core iot-webapi


  • Redux & Thunk
  • Material-UI design
  • Axios
  • JWT Authentication
  • CSS Modules
  • Form Validation

Functionality overview

  • CRUD Users (SignUp - Login - Create-Edit-Delete Subusers(devices) )
  • CRUD Services
  • CRUD Service properties
  • R** Device data
  • Assign properties to service
  • Assign users(devices) to service

How to run

  1. Clone repo
  2. Set API base URL in index.js
  3. npm install to install all dependencies
  4. npm start to start the local server



  • Edit Profile
  • Make Report Result View Better
  • Make More Reports
  • Write Unit tests


Services Devices Reports Report

Meisam Malekzadeh