AspNetItem layout renderer

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ASP.NET Item variable. Use this layout renderer to insert the value of the specified variable stored in the ASP.NET HttpContext.Current.Items dictionary.

Supported in .NET and Mono

Configuration Syntax



Rendering Options

  • variable - Variable name.
  • EvaluateAsNestedProperties - boolean. Default: false. Evaluate the as nested properties. The dots in the variable are special interpreted. See example below.


You can set the value of an ASP.NET Item variable by using the following code:

Example usage of ${aspnet-item}

HttpContext.Current.Items["myvariable"] = 123;
HttpContext.Current.Items["stringvariable"] = "aaa BBB";
HttpContext.Current.Items["anothervariable"] = DateTime.Now;

${aspnet-item:variable=myvariable} - produces "123"
${aspnet-item:variable=anothervariable} - produces "01/01/2006 00:00:00"
${aspnet-item:variable=anothervariable:culture=pl-PL} - produces "2006-01-01 00:00:00"
${aspnet-item:variable=myvariable:padding=5} - produces "  123"
${aspnet-item:variable=myvariable:padding=-5} - produces "123  "
${aspnet-item:variable=stringvariable:upperCase=true} - produces "AAA BBB"