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A specialized layout that renders CSV-formatted events.

Supported in .NET, Silverlight, Compact Framework and Mono Configuration Syntax

    <layout xsi:type="CsvLayout">
      <!-- Layout Options -->
      <layout xsi:type="layoutType">Layout</layout>
      <footer xsi:type="layoutType">Layout</footer>
      <header xsi:type="layoutType">Layout</header>

      <!-- CSV Options -->
      <column layout="Layout" name="String"/> <!-- repeated -->



Layout Options

layout - Body layout (can be repeated multiple times). Layout

footer - Footer layout. Layout

header - Header layout. Layout

CSV Options

quoting - Quoting mode. Default: Auto
Possible values:

  • All - Quote all column.
  • Auto - Quote only whose values contain the quote symbol or the separator.
  • Nothing - Quote nothing.

Hint: To write logs which has multiline data, such as Exception message, you will need to use quotation mark (").

quoteChar - Quote Character. Default: "

withHeader - Indicates whether CSV should include header. Boolean. Default true

customColumnDelimiter - Custom column delimiter value (valid when ColumnDelimiter is set to Custom).

delimiter - Column delimiter. Default: Auto
Possible values:

  • Auto - Automatically detect from regional settings.
  • Comma - Comma (ASCII 44).
  • Custom - Custom string, specified by the CustomDelimiter.
  • Pipe - Pipe character (ASCII 124).
  • Semicolon - Semicolon (ASCII 59).
  • Space - Space character (ASCII 32).
  • Tab - Tab character (ASCII 9).

columns - The array of parameters to be passed.Collection
Each collection item is represented by <column /> element with the following attributes:

  • layout - Layout of the column.Layout Required.
  • name - Name of the column.


<target xsi:type="File" fileName="${csvPath}">
    <layout xsi:type="CsvLayout" delimiter="Tab" withHeader="false">
        <column name="time" layout="${longdate}" />
        <column name="level" layout="${level:upperCase=true}"/>
        <column name="message" layout="${message}" />
        <column name="callsite" layout="${callsite:includeSourcePath=true}" />
        <column name="stacktrace" layout="${stacktrace:topFrames=10}" />
        <column name="exception" layout="${exception:format=ToString}"/>
        <column name="property1" layout="${event-properties:property1}"/>