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An ns3 NetDevice that connects to a remote virtual switch in the real world (distributor). RemoteNetDevice allows you to connect multiple simulators or a regular Linux host to the simulation.


In ns3 source folder (where the waf is located), run the following commands:

$ git clone --recursive src/remote-net-device
$ ln -s ../src/remote-net-device/model/vendor build/vendor


First, start a distribution server. Visit for instruction on how to do that.

Then, you may create a RemoteNetDevice and attach it to a node like any other NetDevice. Assumes that your server is running on and you want to join network 1:

// create node and install internet stack
InternetStackHelper internet;
Ptr<Node> node = CreateObject<Node> ();
internet.Install (node);

// create device, and attach to node
Ptr<RemoteNetDevice> device = CreateObject<RemoteNetDevice> ();
device->SetRemote ("", 9090, 1);
device->SetAddress (Mac48Address ("00:00:00:00:00:01"));
node->AddDevice (device);

// add ipv4 interface, etc.
Ptr<Ipv4> ipv4 = Node->GetObject<Ipv4> ();
int32_t iface_id = ipv4_router_1->AddInterface (device);
ipv4_router_1->AddAddress (iface_id, Ipv4InterfaceAddress("", "/24"));
ipv4_router_1->SetMetric (iface_id, 1);
ipv4_router_1->SetUp (iface_id);
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