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NativeScript Angular

Build Status

This repository contains the code for integration of NativeScript with Angular.

NativeScript is a framework which enables developers to write truly native mobile applications for Android and iOS using JavaScript and CSS. Angular is one of the most popular open source JavaScript frameworks for application development. We worked closely with developers at Google to make Angular in NativeScript a reality. The result is a software architecture that allows you to build mobile apps using the same framework—and in some cases the same code—that you use to build Angular web apps, with the performance you’d expect from native code. Read more about building truly native mobile apps with NativeScript and Angular.

Watch the video explaining Angular and NativeScript

NativeScript session on AngularConnect conference

Explore the examples

The ng-sample app is meant for testing stuff while developing the renderer code, and isn't the best example out there. You can take a look at these sample apps that use the published builds from npm:


We love PRs! Check out the contributing guidelines and development workflow for local setup. If you want to contribute, but you are not sure where to start - look for issues labeled help wanted.

Known issues

  1. There are certain issues with the Parse5DomAdapter and we'll likely need to provide our own later on:
  • Self-closing elements (<Label text="Name" /><Button text="Save" />) get parsed wrong (in this case Button gets parsed as a Label child.

Get Help

Please, use github issues strictly for reporting bugs or requesting features. For general questions and support, check out the NativeScript community forum or ask our experts in NativeScript community Slack channel.