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NeXt UI Documentation

This is the tutorial to help you understand how NeXt UI Toolkit works and start writing your code as soon as possible.

Should you notice a typo or have a question, do not hesitate to contact the authors at

Please, note: we appreciate sharing code snippets (instead of verbal description of an encountered issue). See guide.

Tutorial Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Download and install
  3. Understand Common Topology Model
  4. Create your first topology
    1. Node sets
    2. Layers
    3. Path drawing
    4. Groups
    5. Data processors
    6. Layouts
    7. Scene
  5. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    1. Properties
    2. Methods
    3. Inheritance
    4. Static classes & methods
    5. Binding & dependencies
  6. Events & watchers
  7. User Interface and DOM
    1. Property/method binding
    2. Event binding
    3. Using templates
    4. Inheritance of views
    5. MVVM
    6. Stage

Let's Play

It's time to play! Now that you've learned so much about NeXt, you can apply the knowledge to a real application.

You are now ready to create a real application built completely in NeXt. Don't worry - we'll guide you through this process.

  1. Quickstart
  2. Custom icons
  3. Action panel
  4. Path drawing
  5. Class extension
  6. Scene manipulation
  7. Tooltip policy customization


We are happy to answer your questions. So we listed the most frequent of them in a separate section: Frequently Asked Questions.

For Contributors

The new contributors are very welcome, and here's how to become one: Contributors's Guide.

NeXt + AngularJS

As we say, NeXt pairs well with AngularJS. No tutorials are available for this awesome duo at the moment, but you may want to check out our portfolio in the Introduction, since it has several AngularJS+NeXt apps.


The content of the tutorial goes under Eclipse Public License - v 1.0.

See LICENSE for more info.