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Allows adding extensions from chrome web store on ungoogled-chromium. Also adds semi-automatic extension updating.
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This extension brings the following functionality to ungoogled-chromium (and other forks that lack web store support):

  • Allows installing extensions directly from chrome web store.
  • Automatically checks for updates to your installed extensions and displays them on the badge. Example Image


  • If you wish to install extensions directly instead of just downloading the crx, you must change the flag chrome://flags/#extension-mime-request-handling to Always prompt for install.
  • Available extension updates will display on the badge, click to install them (note that non-webstore extensions may need to be installed manually even if you have the flag set.)


  • Download the .crx from Releases and drag-and-drop it into chrome://extensions

Setup Video

here [Streamable Mirror] (Thanks @woolyss for creating & hosting this video.)

Options Notes

  • Right click the badge and choose Options from the context menu or access them via chrome://extensions.
  • Automatic updates normally occur on browser startup, extension addition/removal, and once per hour.
  • "Web Store" extensions refer to any that were obtained from the Chrome Web Store, despite displaying Source: Not from Chrome Web Store when checking extension details.
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