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The goal of OneBusAway is to improve the usability of public transit. To help achieve that goal, we provide a number of open-source tools and applications to help transit agencies, riders, and developers work with public transit systems.

This wiki on github is the home for developer-related content for the OneBusAway project. Please see the OneBusAway project home page for information for transit agencies, project vision statement, high-level development agenda, research projects and publications, and a description of project governance.

For Agencies and Users wanting to run OneBusAway—Technical Information

The main OneBusAway application suite is designed share real-time public transit information with riders across a variety of interfaces, including Web, Developer APIs, Apps for smart-phones, SMS, and Phone IVR. Are you interested in deploying OneBusAway for your own transit agency? Start with a look at the features provided by OneBusAway and our general guide about what it takes to run OneBusAway. If OneBusAway looks like it might be a good fit for you, move on to the quick-start guide and the general application documentation.

Are you looking for help with deploying OneBusAway or a custom solution for your agency? Feel free to contact us for more information.

For Developers wanting to work with transit data

OneBusAway provides a complete open-source implementation of a web application, REST API, and many mobile apps. Check out the OneBusAway Features page for more details on what OneBusAway has to offer.

OneBusAway also provides a number of libraries and utilities to work with transit data, including support for many standard formats such as GTFS, GTFS-realtime, and SIRI.

For Developers wanting to improve OneBusAway

All of our tools are open-source software, making them free to use and extend. Want to help? Check out the Developer Guide for information on how to get the source and contribute to the project. Also check out Project Governance for details on how the project is managed.

All current and potential developers should use the RoadMap.

(And we'd like to take a second to specially thank EJ Technologies for their support of open source software by making JProfiler free to use for our team--check out JProfiler at:

For Puget Sound Riders

OneBusAway got its start as a set of tools for riders of a number of transit agencies in the Puget Sound region of the state of Washington, USA. See to get started.

For Puget Sound Developers wanting to use OneBusAway data

The transit data that powers the Puget Sound instance of OneBusAway is also available through a REST API service.

Other Places OneBusAway is working

OneBusAway has expanded beyond the Seattle/Puget Sound region. See the OneBusAway Deployments page for more information.

Contacting Us

There are a number of ways to get in touch and ask questions. Check out our Contacts page for more info.

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