OneBusAway Deployments

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A list of all the production OneBusAway deployments is on the main OneBusAway Deployments page.

The below page includes additional information on both production and experimental deployments of OneBusAway.

Puget Sound Region

This is the original OneBusAway installation, for the Seattle/Puget Sound region, which provides real-time data for several of the transit operators in the area. As of June 2013, it has transitioned to being hosted and maintained by Sound Transit, one of the regional agencies, after being at the University of Washington for the first 5 years of its life. It uses the core OneBusAway code/modules only.

New York City

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, by partnering with a team of contractors, is using OneBusAway as the server/back-end at the heart of its real-time bus tracking and customer information initiative, dubbed "MTA Bus Time".

It uses some parts of the OneBusAway core, but has extended it substantially to handle a wide range of new requirements, as described at OneBusAway and OneBusAway NYC


The Detroit Department of Transportation uses OneBusAway to power its new TextMyBus application and to provide an open developer API. This was executed through a partnership with Code For America


The Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida teamed with Hillsborough Area Regional Transit as part of a research project, funded by the National Center for Transit Research, to officially launch OneBusAway Tampa on August 19, 2013. A GTFS-realtime feed is powering this OneBusAway instance, implemented using the open-source HART-GTFS-realtimeGenerator project, which does HART Orbital OrbCAD AVL-to-GTFS-realtime conversion. Full technical details on the OBA Tampa deployment are available on the OBA Tampa Github wiki page.


OneBusAway Atlanta was launched from the Urban Transportation Information Lab (UTIL), run by Dr. Kari Watkins at Georgia Tech. Near-term goals for this implementation are to include real-time information (schedules for those agencies without AVL) for multiple agencies within the Atlanta region including Cobb Community Transit, GRTA Xpress, GCT, CATS and shuttle operators (such as universities and the Atlantic Station shuttle).


York Region Transit / VIVA has launched OneBusAway in York, Canada. York features custom-branded versions of the Android and iOS apps, and is also featured in the main OneBusAway apps as well.

Rogue Valley Transportation District, Oregon

RVTD in Jackson County, Oregon officially became a production OneBusAway region in September 2015.

Washington, D.C.

WMATA in Washington, DC officially became a production OneBusAway region in March 2016. Link to WMATA Press Release:

Bear Transit (UC Berkeley) (beta)

Company VIA Analytics deployed OneBusAway for Bear Transit, a UC Berkeley campus shuttle service.

(In Development - New Zealand)

OneBusAway presents an ideal platform to allow RTPI to be rolled out to the small local centres of New Zealand. Due to the small population base outside the three main centres (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) traditional RTPI systems have proved to be completely unaffordable - hence a solution based on OneBusAway.

Using the OneBusAway-NYC branch we have a demonstration system including the web application, api and sms components. Live tracking is done via the HTTP interface within the vehicle-tracking webapp via Android handsets and a custom hardware solution. Current efforts are concentrating on running a trial live installation for one of the 14 regional councils.

(In Development - Lappeenranta , Finland)

(In Development - Bahia Blanca, Argentina)

(In Development - San Joaquin Regional Transit District, CA)


LogicTree, LLC is using OneBusAway as the framework for their RideTime system, which is available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Currently supported agencies include Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART).