Code sample with examples of how to use the OneNote API for Windows 8 apps
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OneNote service API Windows Store Sample README

Created by Microsoft Corporation, 2014. Provided As-is without warranty. Trademarks mentioned here are the property of their owners.

API functionality demonstrated in this sample

The below code sample should be considered for legacy reasons only. For the most up to date Windows code samples, see the newer and more detailed Windows Universal code sample

The following aspects of the API are covered in this sample. You can find additional documentation at the links below.


Tools and Libraries you will need to download, install, and configure for your development environment.

NuGet packages used in the sample. These are handled using the package manager, as described in the setup instructions. These should update automatically at build time; if not, make sure your NuGet package manager is up-to-date. You can learn more about the packages we used at the links below.


  • At a minimum, to run this sample, you'll need to have a Microsoft account so you can authenticate and get to the OneNote pages the app creates.
  • Windows Store apps use a package identity to tie the app to your Developer account. To run and modify this sample, you don't actually need to have a Microsoft Developer account, and instead you can use the built-in package identity. But, when you publish your own app, even when it's derived from this one, you'll need to get your own developer account and package identity.

Using the sample

After you've setup your development tools, and installed the prerequisites listed above,...

  1. Download the repo as a ZIP file to your local computer, and extract the files. Or, clone the repository into a local copy of Git.
  2. Open the project in Visual Studio.
  3. Build and run the app (F5).

    (If your copy of NuGet is up-to-date, it should automatically update the packages. If you get package-not-found errors, update NuGet and rebuild, and that should fix it.)

  4. Sign in to your Microsoft account in the running app.

  5. Allow the app to create new pages in OneNote.

Version Info

This is the initial public release for this code sample.

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