Code sample with examples of how to use the OneNote API on a Windows 8.1 and above Universal app
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OneNote service API Windows Universal Sample README

Created by Microsoft Corporation, 2015. Provided As-is without warranty. Trademarks mentioned here are the property of their owners.


  • Universal Windows apps
  • This is a newer and better version of the previously released oneNote API WinStore and WinPhone code samples. Use this code sample to build universal Windows 8.1 and above apps.
  • As of August 2015, this code sample contains examples of all shipped features as well as most of the beta features released by the OneNote API team.

If you wish to ignore the app UI/design and directly get to the part that interacts with the OneNote API, you can find the code under the OneNoteServiceSamplesWinUniversal.Shared/OneNoteApi folder.

OneDrive based API

You can find additional documentation at the links below.

O365 based API (only available on beta)

All the APIs for Microsoft Account (LiveId) are supported in O365 as well except the following:

  • $search query option is currently not supported.


Tools and Libraries you will need to download, install, and configure for your development environment.

  • Operating system requirements for developing Windows universal apps:
    • Client: Windows 8.1 OR
    • Server: Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Phone: Windows Phone 8.1 (developer unlocked phone for device testing. Alternatively emulators can be used)
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 or later.

Be sure you enable the Windows Phone SDK when you install Visual Studio. If you don't, you will need to un-install and re-install Visual Studio to get those features.

For using emulator (Windows Phone), make sure to enable hyper-v

  • You can get a full list of tools needed to build Universal Windows app here

** O365 specific Pre-requisites

  • What you need to do is to go to Programs and Features, Turn on/off Windows features and then choose to add Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 to your system.

  • NuGet packages used in the sample. These are handled using the package manager, as described in the setup instructions. These should update automatically at build time; if not, make sure your NuGet package manager is up-to-date. You can learn more about the packages we used at the links below.


To use this Code Sample in your own Microsoft Account based app, be sure to do the following:

**To use this Code Sample in your own Microsoft Office 365 based app, refer to the details in the blog Support for work and school notebooks on Office 365

Using the sample

After you've set up your development tools, and installed the prerequisites listed above,...

  1. Download the repository as a ZIP file to your local computer, and extract the files. Or, clone the repository into a local copy of Git.

  2. Open the project (.sln file) in Visual Studio.

  3. It is highly recommended that you get your own client ID string and copy it into the file under .../OneNoteServiceSamplesWinUniversal.Shared/OneNoteApi/LiveIdAuth.cs (~line 54) OR .../OneNoteServiceSamplesWinUniversal.Shared/OneNoteApi/o365Auth.cs (~line 40)

  4. For o365, additionally, change RedirectUri to one of your app under .../OneNoteServiceSamplesWinUniversal.Shared/OneNoteApi/o365Auth.cs (~line 52)

  5. Build and run the application (F5).

(If your copy of NuGet is up-to-date, it should automatically update the packages. If you get package-not-found errors, update NuGet and rebuild, and that should fix it.)

If you get any build or deployment errors related to the Publisher of the app (Microsoft Account), be sure to Create LiveId app package and use appropriate certificates

If you get any build or deployment errors related to the Publisher of the app (Microsoft Office 365), be sure to Have your app appear in the Office 365 app launcher

Version Info

Date Change
August 2015 Added beta POST /sectiongroups/{id}/sections, POST /notebooks/{id}/sectiongroups, and POST /sectiongroups/{id}/sectiongroups examples.
Changed DELETE /pages/{id} from beta to v1.0.
Support for POST /pages and POST /pages?sectionName in Office 365.
April 2015 Added Office 365 with Azure AD auth support
Added beta DELETE /pages/{id} example.
March 2015 Added PATCH example
January 2015 Added GET /sections/{id}/pages examples.
December 2014 Initial public release for this code sample.

Learning More

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.