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WordPress Integration

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OWA distributions come with a Wordpress Plugin that can be used to easily add OWA tracking and analytics to Wordpress based web sites.


  • PHP 5.2.x or later
  • Wordpress 2.8 or later (tested up to 3.01)


  • Reports and configuration can be managed from within the WordPress admin interface
  • Track users by WordPress user name and/or comment email address
  • Automatic recognition of WordPress page types (Post, feed, archive, category, author, etc.)
  • Track RSS feeds
  • Wordpress Action Tracking - OWA's will automatically track the following Wordpress actions:
    • New posts
    • Post Edits
    • Attachment Created
    • Attachment Edited
    • New blog created (v3.0)
    • User login
    • User registration
    • User profile edit
    • User password reset
    • New comment

Installing OWA with WordPress Applications


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