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OpenEVSE WiFi for ESP32

NOTE: Breaking change! This release reccomends a minimum of 7.1.3 of the OpenEVSE firmware, features including Solar Divert and push button menus may not behave as expected on older firmware.


The WiFi gateway uses an ESP32 which communicates with the OpenEVSE controller via serial RAPI API. The web UI is served directly from the ESP32 web server and can be controlled via a connected device on the local network.

This FW also supports wired Ethernet connection using ESP32 Gateway



  • Web UI to view & control all OpenEVSE functions

    • Start / pause
    • Scheduler
    • Session & system limits (time, energy, soc, range)
    • Adjust charging current
  • MQTT status & control

  • Log to Emoncms server e.g or

  • 'Eco' mode: automatically adjust charging current based on availability of power from solar PV or grid export

  • Shaper: throttle current to prevent overflowing main power capacity

  • OCPP V1.6 (beta)

  • Home Assistant Integration (beta)


OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE charging station

ESP32 WiFi Module


Collaboration of OpenEnegyMonitor and OpenEVSE.

Contributions by:

  • @glynhudson
  • @chris1howell
  • @trystanlea
  • @jeremypoulter
  • @sandeen
  • @lincomatic
  • @joverbee
  • @matth-x (OCPP)
  • @kipk


GNU General Public License (GPL) V3