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Open Fixture Library

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To use lighting control software like QLC+, DMXControl or e:cue, you need fixture definition files that describe your lighting hardware. Since one software can usually only understand its own fixture definition format, switching between different programs can be difficult.

The Open Fixture Library tries to solve this problem by collecting fixture definitions and making them downloadable in various formats. Internally, it uses a JSON format that tries to bundle as much information as possible for all the different output formats.

Contribute without coding

The easiest way to help: Head over to the online Fixture Editor and add your favorite fixture that is not yet included in our library!

Other ways you can help without coding:

  • Answer questions in existing fixtures
  • Review fixtures that are not yet merged (this is highly appreciated!)
  • Add links and colors to existing fixtures

See for details.

Contribute code

See and our Developer Documentation.