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  1. smartglass-documentation smartglass-documentation Public

    Documentation of the Xbox One SmartGlass protocol

    Makefile 34 8

  2. xbox-smartglass-csharp xbox-smartglass-csharp Public

    🎮.NET Standard client library for the Xbox One SmartGlass protocol

    C# 65 20

  3. xbox-smartglass-core-python xbox-smartglass-core-python Public archive

    SmartGlass Core protocol python library

    Python 72 14

  4. xbox-webapi-python xbox-webapi-python Public

    A python library to authenticate with Xbox Live via your Microsoft Account and provides Xbox related Web-API.

    Python 175 44

  5. xbox-smartglass-core-node xbox-smartglass-core-node Public

    NodeJS port of xbox-smartglass-core-python

    JavaScript 35 8

  6. xboxone-home-assistant xboxone-home-assistant Public archive

    Forked from ericleb010/hassio-addons

    Control your Xbox One from your Home Assistant device.

    Python 31 11


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