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A command line tool to add your music and videos directly to several devices.


Almost all of us use youtube for our music purposes, whether it is a new single released by Eminem or an old classic by Queen.

Scenario : You need to travel the next day and you realise that the diff between your offline mobile playlist and youtube playlist is too large.

Now you have to use an online mp3 converter to convert all the songs one by one, and then connect your device via USB to paste all the music. That too without the metadata.

There is a need for a tool which would directly download and convert the video, add available metadata and send it to your device, all at the same time.

Enters MobOff.


  • Download the best available audio, or video (by --video option) in common mobile player compatible extensions.
  • Playlists can also be downloaded.
  • Adds metadata automatically from the title.
  • Add a preffered device to send music, or override it with --newdevice option.
  • Delete the downloaded video/music file from the computer via --delete option.
  • Send the downloaded video/music file to your friends via the --send option.

How to use?

(Tested on Ubuntu with Python 3)

The initial setting up of the Pushbullet account seems a little tiring but it is just a one-time setup, and the gains are endless.

  1. You need a Pushbullet account to send the files.

Pushbullet is a great tool for sending text messages, links, files and seeing phone's notifications on your computer.

  • Create your account on it using your Google or Facebook login.
  • Install the Pushbullet App on your iOS or Android device.
  • Install the Chrome/Firefox extension for Pushbullet on your computer.

You can skip the following steps if you have Docker installed on your machine. See how to run using docker instructions

  1. You need to install ffmpeg and tkinter.
  • Installing ffmpeg : sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
  • Installing tkinter( for python3 users ) : sudo apt-get install python3-tk
  • Installing tkinter( for python2 users ) : sudo apt-get install python-tk
  1. After setting Pushbullet up, you need to install MobOff.

It is recommended that you use virtualenv (especially for conda users).

  • Installing virtualenv : sudo pip install virtualenv
  • virtualenv venv --python=python3
  • . venv/bin/activate
  • python install
  1. You need to initialise with some of your information.
  • Run moboff initialise
  • Obtain your Pushbullet API key via Pushbullet Settings by clicking on "Create Access Token" button.
  • Enter the serial number for your preffered device to send the music/video files to when asked to.
  • When prompted enter the directory in which you want the downloaded files should be stored.

You're all set up.

GIFs to demonstrate the installation

Installation of the dependencies

Feeding the data, url for download. Ultimately, the links have been sent to your Computer and Android phone.

With Docker

Follow this instructions to install Docker if it is not installed.

Pull Docker image from Docker Hub and start the container

Make sure you are logged into Docker Hub from your command line by running docker login. The Docker Hub repository is here. Now run the following commands

$ docker pull ashwani99/moboff

# disable access control for X11 server
$ xhost +

# run the container
$ docker run -it -rm -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY \
             -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \

# run moboff
$ moboff

# press Ctrl+C to stop the running container

Locally build the image and start a container

# build the docker image
$ docker build -t moboff .

# disable access control for X11 server
$ xhost +

# run the container
$ docker run -it -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY \
             -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \

# run moboff
$ moboff

# press Ctrl+C to stop the running container


moboff --help

Usage: moboff [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  A command line tool to download, convert and send youtube videos or
  playlists to your device via Pushbullet.

  You need to install Pushbullet in all your devices for this to work.

  If this is your first time using this, please run `moboff initialise` to
  add required information.

  Run `moboff download --help` to know about various options while
  downloading and sending.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  download    Downloads and sends the video
  initialise  Initialise with info

moboff download --help

Usage: moboff download [OPTIONS]

  Download a youtube video or playlist in best audio and video quality by
  providing a link, and then send to the preffered device, or override it
  with `--newdevice` option.

  Provide the device name for `--newdevice` in quotes for e.g. "OnePlus

  Please run `moboff initialise` if this is your first time.

  --link TEXT       Paste the link here to download and send to your device
  --newdevice TEXT  Overwrite the saved device
  --video           Send the video file instead of mp3 file.
  --delete          Delete the music file after sending.
  --send            Send the file to a friend.
  --help            Show this message and exit.

moboff initialise --help

Usage: moboff initialise [OPTIONS]
  Initialise the program with your API key and preferred device.
  --help  Show this message and exit.


This is a very young project. If you have got any suggestions for new features or improvements, please comment over here. Pull Requests are most welcome !


Logo Credits : Divya Sharma.


A CLI to download, convert and send youtube videos to several devices using Pushbullet.





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