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An open-source authorization as a service inspired by Google Zanzibar, designed to build and manage fine-grained and scalable authorization systems for any application.


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Permify - Open Source Fine-Grained Authorization

Seamlessly implement fine-grained, scalable and extensible authorization within minutes to days instead of months.

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Permify - Open source authorization as a service

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What is Permify?

Permify is an open-source authorization service for easily building and managing fine-grained, scalable, and extensible access controls for your applications and services. Inspired by Google’s consistent, global authorization system, Google Zanzibar

Our service makes authorization more secure and adaptable to changing needs, allowing you to get it up and running in just a few minutes to a couple of days—no need to spend months building out entire piece of infrastructure.

With Permify, you can:

🔮 Create permissions and policies using domain specific language that is compatible with traditional roles and permissions (RBAC), arbitrary relations between users and objects (ReBAC), and dynamic attributes (ABAC).

🔐 Set up isolated authorization logic and custom permissions for your applications/organizations (tenants) and manage them in a single place.

✅ Interact with the Permify API to perform access checks, filter your resources with specific permissions, perform bulk permission checks for various resources, and more!

🧪 Abstract your authorization logic from app logic to enhance visibility, observability, and testability of your authorization system.

Getting Started


You can quickly start Permify on your local with running the docker command below:

docker run -p 3476:3476 -p 3478:3478 serve

This will start Permify with the default configuration options:

  • Port 3476 is used to serve the REST API.
  • Port 3478 is used to serve the GRPC Service.
  • Authorization data stored in memory.

See all of the options that you can use to set up and deploy Permify in your servers.

Test your connection

You can test your connection with creating an GET request,


Community ♥️

We would love to hear from you!

Get the latest product updates, receive immediate assistance from our team members, and feel free to ask any questions about Permify or authorization in a broader context by joining our conversation on Discord!

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The open source community thrives on contributions, offering an incredible space for learning, inspiration, and creation. Your contributions are immensely valued and appreciated!

Here are the ways to contribute to Permify:

  • Contribute to codebase: We're collaboratively working with our community to make Permify the best it can be! You can develop new features, fix existing issues or make third-party integrations/packages.
  • Improve documentation: Alongside our codebase, documentation one of the most significant part in our open-source journey. We're trying to give the best DX possible to explain ourselves and Permify. And you can help on that with importing resources or adding new ones.
  • Contribute to playground: Permify playground allows you to visualize and test your authorization logic. You can contribute to our playground by improving its user interface, fixing glitches, or adding new features.


Open Bounties

We have a list of issues where you can contribute and gain bounty award! Bounties will be awarded for fixing issues via accepted Pull Requests (PR).

Before start please see our contributing guide.


You can find Permify's Public Roadmap here!

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