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A Python HTML form library.
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Merge pull request #225 from tisdall/select2_placeholder

fix select2 placeholders; allow clearing
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@tseaver tseaver authored
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deform Merge pull request #225 from tisdall/select2_placeholder
docs spelling
.gitignore fix microsecond-fix after merge of deform2
.hgignore Merge Blaise's css_class patches from
.travis.yml Speed up Travis start via 'sudo: false'.
CHANGES.txt Changelog for PR #221.
CONTRIBUTORS.txt Add myself to contributors
COPYRIGHT.txt - Moved to GitHub (
HISTORY.txt fix typos
LICENSE.txt Start jamming templates in.
README.txt Update README.txt
RESEARCH.txt Start jamming templates in.
TODO.txt garden Update to lingua for translations, add french translation
setup.cfg - FileUploadWidget now sanitizes IE/Windows whole-path filenames before increment the version; it matches last release
tox.ini Make setup less noisy.



A Python HTML form library.  It runs under Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

Please see for the

See for in-development version.
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