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One Buttion CPU Mining Docker

Shankai Ji edited this page May 14, 2020 · 2 revisions

One Button Quick Start - Use Docker Image to Start a CPU Mining for Qkchash

Here we provide detailed instructions for starting the mining process using a pre-built docker image.

# please login in the docker with your username and password
docker login -u <docker username> -p <docker password>

# NOTE the version should be in sync with the release version, e.g. jyouyj/qkchash_with_rotation:qkchashX1.0
$ docker pull jyouyj/qkchash_with_rotation:qkchashX1.0

# recommend using some window management tool to start
# different programs, for example `screen` or `tmux`.
$ docker run -it jyouyj/qkchash_with_rotation:qkchashX1.0

# INSIDE the container
# IMPORTANT: always update coinbase address for mining
# use the following command 
./ethminer --farm http://$CLUSTER_IP:38391 --coinbase $COINBASE_ADDRESS -t <n> --shard-id $SHARD_ID

- `CLUSTER_IP` defines the IP for the Quarkchain cluster. If you want to try the one button quick mining, you can use or
- `--shard-id` defines one specify shard to mine. shard id 60001 and 70001 are Qkchash.
- `--coinbase` defines your mining coinbase address. Please use 20 bytes address generated the same way as an Ethereum address.
- `-t` limits number of CPU miners to n 

One example for chain 7, shard 0 is
./ethminer --farm --coinbase 0x1234000000000000000000000000000000000000 -t 4 --shard-id 70001

Note: Please use the 20 bytes address with the first two characters "0x" from the coinbase address. Please specify the shard id which you want to mine.