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Ideas for further development (work in progress)

Idea Description Developer Status / Contact
Remove Qt3 GUI Support Some leftover classes from Q3Support (e.g. Q3VBoxLayout): paintings/ID_Dialog, diagram/DiagramDialog...) Ongoing, commits to master (see Qt3GUISupport)
Remove Qt3 Collection Classes Remove classes such as Q3PtrList See branch remove_Qt3PtrList.
Extend QucsConv to work with later Spice versions
  • Evaluate what the current implementation of qucsconv is already capable doing
  • Upgrade qucsconv to the dialect of SPICE implemented by Xyce(?)
  • Export qucs schematics as spice netlist
Octave-Qucs Integration Richard
Python-Qucs Use Python to control qucs simulations; to e.g. perform sensitivity analysis / circuit optimization. Currently python starts qucs anew for every simulation; maybe a tighter integration is possible. Add circuit design routines to Qucs component netlists using Python scripts. This feature increases the power of individual Qucs components in that their specification can be set prior to simulation. First ideas at
Component model and circuit macromodel development
  • Long term goal to improve the performance of existing models and to add new models to the Qucs package.
  • Use Verilog-A, EDD, RFEDD, subcircuits and macromodels for this task.
  • Improve the documentation available for existing models and to publish full documentation with all new models.
Mike This is an on-going task from the past. However, significantly higher numbers of models will be published once the Qucs Verilog-A dynamic loader is fully functional. Ongoing, commits to master.
Refactorings General Ideas for refactoring the code base to improvie readability, maintainability... Ongoing, commits to master (see Refactoring)
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