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ROCm Software Platform

ROCm Software Platform Repository

Popular repositories

  1. MIOpen Public

    AMD's Machine Intelligence Library

    Assembly 821 172

  2. Forked from tensorflow/tensorflow

    TensorFlow ROCm port

    C++ 647 77

  3. rocBLAS Public

    Next generation BLAS implementation for ROCm platform

    C++ 248 129

  4. pytorch Public

    Forked from pytorch/pytorch

    Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration

    C++ 186 49

  5. gpufort Public

    GPUFORT: S2S translation tool for CUDA Fortran and Fortran+X in the spirit of hipify

    Fortran 144 13

  6. Tensile Public

    Stretching GPU performance for GEMMs and tensor contractions.

    Python 140 110