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ROCm Device Libraries
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ROCm Device libraries.

This repository contains the sources and CMake build system for a set of AMD specific device-side language runtime libraries. Specifically:

Name Comments Dependencies
oclc* Open Compute library controls (documentation)
ocml Open Compute Math library (documentation) oclc*
ockl Open Compute Kernel library (documentation) oclc*
opencl OpenCL built-in library ocml, ockl, oclc*
hip HIP built-in library ocml, ockl, oclc*
hc Heterogeneous Compute built-in library ocml, ockl, oclc*

Refer to LICENSE.TXT for license information.


The library sources should be compiled using a clang compiler built from sources in the amd-common branch of AMD modified clang, llvm, and lld repositories using the following commands:

git clone llvm_amd-common
cd llvm_amd-common/tools
git clone lld
git clone clang
cd ..
mkdir -p build
cd build
cmake \
    -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
    -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/rocm/llvm \

To build the library bitcodes, from the top level of this repository run the following commands:

mkdir -p build
cd build
export LLVM_BUILD=... (path to LLVM build directory created above)
CC=$LLVM_BUILD/bin/clang cmake -DLLVM_DIR=$LLVM_BUILD ..

It is also possible to use a compiler that only has AMDGPU target enabled if you build prepare-builtins separately with the regular host compiler and pass explicit target option to CMake:

export LLVM_BUILD=... (path to LLVM build)
# Build prepare-builtins
cd utils
mkdir build
cd build
# Build bitcode libraries
cd ../..
mkdir build
cd build
CC=$LLVM_BUILD/bin/clang cmake -DLLVM_DIR=$LLVM_BUILD -DPREPARE_BUILTINS=`cd ../utils/build/prepare-builtins/; pwd`/prepare-builtins ..

Testing requires the amdhsacod utility from ROCm Runtime.

To install artifacts: make install

To run offline tests: make test

To create packages for the library: make package


The ROCm language runtimes automatically add the required bitcode files during the LLVM linking stage invoked during the process of creating a code object. There are options to display the exact commands executed, but an approximation of the command the OpenCL runtime might use is as follows:

$LLVM_BUILD/bin/clang -x cl -Xclang -finclude-default-header \
    -target amdgcn-amd-amdhsa -mcpu=gfx803 \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/opencl/opencl.amdgcn.bc \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/ocml/ocml.amdgcn.bc \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/ockl/ockl.amdgcn.bc \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/oclc/oclc_correctly_rounded_sqrt_off.amdgcn.bc \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/oclc/oclc_daz_opt_off.amdgcn.bc \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/oclc/oclc_finite_only_off.amdgcn.bc \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/oclc/oclc_isa_version_803.amdgcn.bc \
    -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file -Xclang /srv/git/ROCm-Device-Libs/build/oclc/oclc_unsafe_math_off.amdgcn.bc \ -o


The bitcode libraries are exported as CMake targets, organized in a CMake package. You can depend on this package using find_package(AMDDeviceLibs REQUIRED CONFIG) after ensuring the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH includes either the build directory or install prefix of the bitcode libraries. The package defines a variable AMD_DEVICE_LIBS_TARGETS containing a list of the exported CMake targets.


Currently all tests are offline:

  • OpenCL source is compiled to LLVM bitcode
  • Test bitcode is linked to library bitcode with llvm-link
  • Clang OpenCL compiler is run on resulting bitcode, producing code object.
  • Resulting code object is passed to llvm-objdump and amdhsacod -test.

The output of tests (which includes AMDGPU disassembly) can be displayed by running ctest -VV in build directory.

Tests for OpenCL conformance kernels can be enabled by specifying -DOCL_CONFORMANCE_HOME= to CMake, for example, cmake ... -DOCL_CONFORMANCE_HOME=/srv/hsa/drivers/opencl/tests/extra/hsa/ocl/conformance/1.2

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