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RedisGears python client
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RedisGears python client (support python3 only!)

Example: Using the Python Client:

from gearsclient import GearsRemoteBuilder as GearsBuilder
import redis

conn = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379)

# count for each genre how many times it appears

res = GearsBuilder('KeysOnlyReader', r=conn).\
	  map(lambda x:execute('hget', x, 'genres')).\
	  filter(lambda x:x != '\\N').\
	  flatmap(lambda x: x.split(',')).\
	  map(lambda x: x.strip()).\

for r in res[0]:
	print('%-15s: %d' % (r['key'], r['value']))


pip install git+

Notice that the library also need to be installed in RedisGears virtual env.

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