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Request is a decentralized network built on top of Ethereum, which allows anyone, anywhere to request a payment. A full description of the protocol may be found in our whitepaper.

This repository contains all the Request Network developer tools written in TypeScript.

Join the Request Hub to get in touch with us.

Published Packages

Package Version Description
@requestnetwork/advanced-logic npm Extensions to the protocol
@requestnetwork/request-client.js npm Library to use Request nodes as servers
@requestnetwork/data-access npm Indexing an batching of transactions
@requestnetwork/data-format npm Standards for data stored on Request, like invoices format
@requestnetwork/epk-signature npm Sign requests using Ethereum private keys
@requestnetwork/ethereum-storage npm Storage of Request data on Ethereum and IPFS
@requestnetwork/epk-decryption npm Decrypt encrypted requests using Ethereum private keys
@requestnetwork/payment-detection npm Client-side payment detection, to compute the balance.
@requestnetwork/payment-processor npm Pay a request using a web3 wallet
@requestnetwork/request-logic npm The Request business logic: properties and actions of requests
@requestnetwork/request-node npm Web server that allows easy access to Request system
@requestnetwork/transaction-manager npm Creates transactions to be sent to Data Access, managing encryption
@requestnetwork/types npm Typescript types shared across @requestnetwork packages
@requestnetwork/utils npm Collection of tools shared between the @requestnetwork packages
@requestnetwork/web3-signature npm Sign requests using web3 tools (like Metamask)
@requestnetwork/multi-format npm Serialize and deserialize object in the Request Network protocol
@requestnetwork/smart-contracts npm Sources and artifacts of the smart contracts

Private Packages

Package Description
@requestnetwork/integration-test Integration test for the Request system
@requestnetwork/prototype-estimator Give estimates of size and throughput of the Request system
@requestnetwork/toolbox Toolbox for Request Network
@requestnetwork/usage-example Usage examples of Request Network


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. Read the contributing guide


Install all the packages in the monorepo.

yarn install


Build all the packages in the monorepo.

yarn run build


Lint all the packages in the monorepo.

yarn run lint


Test all the packages in the monorepo.

yarn run test



V1 packages

This repository hosts the packages for the second version of Request. The v1 packages are deprecated and can be found on requestNetwork-v1-archive.

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