A JavaScript library for interacting with the Request Network protocol
vrolland Merge pull request #135 from RequestNetwork/rc-0.9.0
Rc 0.9.0:
    Fix typos 
    From in getEvents 
    Update for ganache to 6.1.3 
    Refacto smartcontract (not published on mainnet) 
    allow updating kyber address in Burner 
    Cors compatibility with blockchain.info 
    Introduce increaseExpectedAmounts/reduceExpectedAmounts instead of additionals/subtracts 
    Update request data format  
    Bitcoin refund address optional 
    Update dependencies 
    Introduce contributing.MD
Latest commit 52a06cf Oct 12, 2018


Request Network is a decentralized network built on top of Ethereum, which allows anyone, anywhere to request a payment. A full description of the protocol may be found in our whitepaper.

This repository contains all the Request Network developer tools written in TypeScript.

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Published Packages

Package Version Description
requestNetwork.js npm A Javascript library for interacting with the Request Network protocol
requestNetworkArtifacts npm Artifacts for Request Network Ethereum contracts
requestNetworkDataFormat npm Data format for Request Network

Private Packages

Package Description
requestNetworkSmartContracts Request Network solidity smart contracts & tests